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Pictures from my visit to Valdres…..

Pictures from my visit to Valdres…..

The Masonic Hall in Montreal

On 11th April 2017, I gave a talk to chefs, friends and with wine and good food in Montreal’s masonic hall ;)
Thanks to Michel Lachaume for organising! Many of the pictures below were taken by my new friends Nabaty (

The pictures were first published on this album on Facebook


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Hurdal Nordic Permaculture Festival 2013

I’m visiting Hurdal Ecovillage again this weekend, so thought I would post this album of pictures from the Nordic Permaculture Festival held there in August 2013!

More can be found by following these two links:

Åfjord course day

A great day in the company of some wonderful people in Åfjord yesterday!
Thanks to Astrid Mathilde Petterson and husband Gunnar for arranging the course and for the hospitality at their farm, Rotnes Gård, in an amazing location at the mouth of not one but two salmon rivers, Stordals og Nordalselva! The couple are restoring the farm buildings and rent out rooms to fishermen and tourists:
The day started with my Around the World talk in the morning followed by a great lunch at the farm (spinach soup, sourdough bread, wild salmon wraps etc.). We then wandered along the shore and in the woods looking for wild edibles. Here are a few pictures! Thanks to Bjørn and wife for the lift home afterwards (and quick garden tour!)

City farm and Wolfgang Palme

One of the great things of travelling and doing these talks is all the fantastic people you meet. Wolfgang Palme (and his lovely wife Angelika who also acted as my interpreter in Schiltern and Vienna) was one of these! I met them first at my talk in Schiltern and I was then very much looking forward to visiting City Farm where they run courses and have developed a diversity garden for children, including several of the perennials in my book! Wolfgang has also written a great  looking book on harvesting vegetables during the winter (I include a few sample pages in the album below!)
I look forward to collaborating more in the future!!
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Walk and Talk in the Vienna Botanical Gardens

Presenting an album of pictures from BG Vienna showing edible plants I found in the collections and talked about during my walk and talk arranged by Arche Noah!

Edimentals tour of the Botanischer Garten Universität Salzburg

My last gig in Austria was a tour in the young botanical garden in Saltzburg. Despite its youth (from 1986), it had one of the best collection of unusual edibles I’ve seen in a dedicated garden to the world’s cultural plants! Of course the ornamental beds also had a lot of food…

Auerhütte am Seewaldsee

This is the site of the talk I gave today with translation at Auerhütte, owned by Tom Strubreiter’s family!