Hablitzia at the Swedish National Natural History Museum

Thanks to Katriina Anttila​ for this link to how the Swedish National Natural History museum (Naturhistoriska Riksmuseet)  presents Hablitzia (on Facebook)
English translation:
“…..Spinach is another well known plant in the Amaranth family,although we’re not growing it this year. To cultivate spinach is not so easy, you have to dig the ground, weed, thin, weed more, hunt slugs, water, weed again, water and if it’s too dry they bolt (go to seed with less to harvest). But, you can get your spinach completely without any work from early spring right up to the frost comes. The trick: plant perennial long-lived spinach-like plants which return every spring, doing the weeding themselves and having deep roots that seek out water and nutrition deep in the ground. The superstars are Good King Henry (Chenopodium bonus-henricus) and Caucasian spinach (Hablitzia tamnoides). Hablitzia is a climbing plant that can cover several square meters of wall, perfect for vertical spinach gardening. Vertical cultivation is good, because we more effectively and in a smart way convert the solar energy to produce food.”

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