Garden plant sale /plantesalg

Plants on sale in my garden during open days  during autumn 2016! Many are in my book Around the World in 80 plants and, in this case, the page number is given! Pris kr 30-60.
NB! I don’t have the time to send, sorry!

Species Page in book English Norwegian
Acanthopanax henryi (not edible)      
Aegopodium podograria variegata 231 ground elder, bishop’s weed skvallerkål
Agastache  foeniculum   anise hyssop anisisop
Alliaria petiolata   garlic mustard løkurt
Allium “Norrland Onion” 125 Norrland onion Norrlandsløk
Allium cernuum (two types) 191 nodding onion prærieløk
Allium fistulosum 247 welsh onion pipeløk
Allium macranthum      
Allium “Norrland Onion” 125 Norrland Onion Norrlandsløk
Allium nutans 122 Siberian garlic chives sibirsk nikkeløk
Allium obliquum 118 twistedleaf onion tvistebladløk
Allium oleraceum 214 field garlic vill-løk
Allium ramosum 130 fragrant onion  
Allium sativum 114 garlic hvitløk
Allium schoenoprasum “Dwarf White” 226 Siberian chives sibirgressløk
Allium scorodoprasum 216 sand leek, rocambole bendelløk, skogløk
Allium senescens 122 broad-leaved chives sibirsk kantløk
Allium splendens      
Allium thunbergii      
Allium tuberosum 130 garlic chives, chinese chives,  chinese leek kinagressløk, kinesisk gressløk
Allium ursinum 50 ramsons ramsløk
Allium victorialis 218 seiersløk, alpeløk  
Allium wallichii 119 Himalayan onion, Sherpa onion Himalayaløg, Sherpa-løk
Allium x proliferum 255 Egyptian onion, tree onion luftløk, etasjeløk
Apium nodiflorum 82 fool’s watercress vannselleri
Aquilegia caerulea (edible petals only)    Rocky mountain columbine  himmelakeleie
Aralia cordata 135 udo, Japanese asparagus udo
Aralia elata / spinosa 133 Oni’s walking stick, devil’s walking stick, Japanese Aralia,
Japanese Angelica tree
fandens spaserstokk
Armoracia rusticana 53 horseradish pepperrot
Barbarea vulgaris variegata 238 common wintercress vinterkarse
Camassia esculentus    small camas  
Campanula latifolia 229 giant bellflower storklokke
Campanula trachelium 81 nettle-leaved bellflower nesleklokke
Carum carvi 250 caraway karve
Chamaenerion angustifolium “Album”   white rosebay willowherb hvit geitrams
Chenopodium bonus-henricus 91 good king henry stolt henrik
Cirsium oleraceum 55 cabbage thistle kåltistel
Crambe maritima (Lindesnes) 5 sea kale strandkål
Cryptotaenia japonica “Atropurpurea” 146 mitsuba, Japanese parsley mitsuba, japansk persille
Hablitzia tamnoides 102 hablitzia, Caucasian spinach stjernemelde, hablitzia
Helianthus tuberosus   Jerusalem artichoke jordskokk
Hemerocallis fulva “Kwanso Double” 153 orange daylily brun daglilje
Hosta sieboldiana 141 hosta hosta, bladlilje
Hosta “August Moon” 141    
Hosta “Chinese Sunrise” 141    
Houttuynia cordata “Cameleon”, “Double” and ordinary   himalayan water creeper  
Levisticum officinale 112 lovage løpstikke
Ligularia fischeri   Fischer’s Ligularia Fischers-nøkketunge
Maianthemum racemosum 186 false solomon’s seal, solomon’s plume, false spikenard, treacle berry toppkonvall
Malva moschata 157 musk mallow moskuskattost
Matteuccia struthiopteris 196 ostrich fern strutseving
Myrrhis odorata 72 sweet cicely spansk kjørvel
Oenothera biennis (biannual)   evening primrose nattlys
Oxyria digyna 225 mountain sorrel fjellsyre
Patrinia villosa      
Persicaria bistorta 260 bistort ormerot
Podophyllum emodi     fotblad
Polygonum viviparum 241 alpine bistort harerug
Rheum “Cally Giant” (seed propagated) 243 rhubarb rabarbra
Rubus occidentalis “Bristol”   black raspberry svartbringebær
Rumex acetosa 221 sorrel engsyre, matsyre, surblad
Rumex scutatus 85 buckler-leaved sorrel, french sorrel, round-leafed sorrel fransk syre
Scorzonera hispanica 63 scorzonera, black salsify skorsonerrot; svartrot
Sideritis syriaca   Greek mountain tea Gresk fjell-te
Sium sisarum 49 skirret sukkerrot, søtkjeks
Stachys officinalis   betony legebetonie
Taraxacum officinale (various) 38 dandelions løvetann
Tradescantia ohiensis 193 tradescantia, spiderwort; bluejacket vandrejøder; dagblom
Trillium erectum    Beth root, Red trillium
Urtica dioica “Fearnvale 28 Stinging nettle, nettles brennesle
Viola canadensis   Canada violet kanada-fiol

Wedding salad

3 years ago, I was at a LETS Trondheim meeting at Manuela Panzacchi​’s place. I had forgotten, but we had been asked to bring some food and I took a flowery salad along. One of the other participants, Svanhild Anita Vågsvær, contacted me a few weks back as she was getting married, remembered the salad and wanted something similar at her wedding! Would I sell her some tasty edible flowers? Of course she could have some! Late the evening before the wedding, groom Christian Berg arrived and we picked a good selection! The pictures show the salad put together by their chef with goat cheese, caper vinaigrette and foccacia! Congratulations!

Bryllup1 Bryllup2

Sunday’s forest tour in Malvik with Naturvernforbundet

As part of Trondheim’s climate festival, which runs all this week, Naturvernforbundet (Friends of the Earth Norway) arranged a tour to experience first-hand a couple of remnants of old forest in Malvik! We learned more about the need to preserve more old forest in Norway, to extend the size of existing reserves and the importance to change the way we manage the forest as soon as possible to bind as much carbon as possible! Today’s clearfelling practices need to be changed to more ecologically sound methods.
We learned how to spot old forest remnants from afar, that about 80% of the carbon is below ground level and that only about 3% of the forest in Norway is over 160 years old, although the amount of old forest is now on the rise. We also visited Storfossen on the Homla river and talked about the spray zone around the waterfall where several rare lichens and mosses can be found. The forest along the river in this dramatic canyon-like landscape was finally protected by law last year:
It was a very interesting day thanks in particular to biologist Arnodd Håpnes from Naturvernforbundet in Oslo who lectured and asked questions from the well attended tour participants together with Martin Stuevold from the local group who are pushing the plans for protecting the forest locally and also Jan Erik Andersen from Fylkesmannen who also informed about the complicated process of trying to protect more forest…

The Extreme Salad Man at 15!

Last week 15 years ago, the extreme salad man was created…and he is upset that Facebook completely missed this event…so let’s make up for it in this thread, please leave your gree(n)tings :)
Ably supported by this week’s garden helper Josefine Marie Dichmann from Odense in Denmark, and another of a stream of quality ex-students from Fosen Folkehøgskole, a salad of some 140 ingredients was put together in about an hour last night with marigold petals forming ESM’s age!

Link to the 2001 salad recipe:

Rejection letter from Guinness :)

Harvesting golpar

Heracleum persicum is a giant umbellifer, very closely related to Giant Hogweed another very closely related invasive of more southerly latitudes. We call it Tromsøpalme here as these giant plants might resemble palm trees from afar where they grow in large quantities in the arctic city of Tromsø. I today harvested seed of one last plant remaining after the kommune had strimmed a small coastline stand of this plant, presumably spreading seed everywhere….
The seed is used as an important spice in Iran, something I learned from my friend Saideh Salamati who I credited in my book (she also made an excellent dish of the young shoots at a gathering of foragers here in June). I nowadays use more golpar in my cooking than any other spice…delicious and free!

Fungi 26th August 2016

It was actually bilberries that were the evening’s objective, but when you see several ceps / steinsopp in the woods and hedgehogs/piggsopp and saffron milk caps / matriske (almost all surprisingly in good condition without fly larvae) and chantarelles / kantarell, then there’s a change of plan….and there was still time to pick more than enough bilberries for drying another ovenfull!


Lars Westergaard’s legendary Danish nursery!

Most people into permaculture in Scandinavia know of Lars Westergaard’s nursery in Denmark as one of the best sources of a range of hard to get (and unique, from Lars’ own selection work) fruit and nut trees. Lars has been  working with production of organic plants for many years and commercially since 2009.  It seems much longer! He specialises in walnuts, heartnuts, hazel, sweet chestnut, peach, mulberries, figs, haskaps and many more! I’ve been wanting to visit for some years and an opportunity finally arose after I’d given a couple of courses near Copenhagen in August 2016. It was a pity that Lars was “distracted” by several customers during  our visit, so we didn’t have too much time to talk together…..but I was impressed by what I saw. Thanks to Aiah Noack for taking me…and looking forward to his plants becoming available in Norway soon :)

The nursery page is here: