Veggies at Vår Gård

I was invited up to Vår Gård​ (Our Farm) after work yesterday by Daniel Weiss​ who is growing some amazing veggies under difficult conditions for Hegstad & Blakstad who specialise in a canteen concept at two locations in Trondheim based on slow food. It was surprising to see how well Daniel’s vegetables looked despite the very cold summer! I cycled up to the farm (Vår Gård; and Daniel showed me around. Here are a few pictures. Daniel’s area is part of Voll Gård, right on the edge of the city.

Daniel told me that these kales were completely eaten, probably by pigeons when he was away. He considered pullling them up and starting again, but luckily waited as they bounced back!
Anyone recognise this legume (in a green manure mix)?
Luxurious veggies
A bit optimistic perhaps, but these soya beans were beginning to flower and would proably have produced in a good summer!
I thought these were poorly producing bulb onions until David told me they were spring onions :)
I’ve never had success with French beans, so was very surprised to see a row of these…It’s an early variety called Speedy. Maybe I’ll try again!
Happy to see Scorzonera, grown as an annual root crop…we talked about how it can be used as a perennial. Salsify / havrerot had already been harvested in the neighbouring row.
The swiss chard was looking good in all rainbow’s colours
Tasty sweet flower stems and buds on Scorzonera
Very late planted spinach (August?) haven’t bolted (as spring spinach usually does)
Daniel Weiss – the farm and propagation greenhouse are in the background!
My cycle tour from work up to Daniel’s Farm


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