Rita Amundsen in Malvik and the day’s first world record?

Many thanks to Rita Amundsen from Oslo and Finland for making the food preservation course at my place yesterday (6th June 2015) a big success!  Thanks also to Veronica who did an amazing job in the kitchen. With about 25 participants, my living room has never been fuller! In the first part of the course, Rita told us about conservation methods other than fermentation. This was followed by a “perfectly timed break from the otherwise persistent rain” tour of the garden! With so many we divided into two groups, one with Rita to collect dandelion flower stalks for dandinoodles and the rest with me (collecting other veggies for lunch).  Rita and Veronica worked miracles in the kitchen and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I came in after the second garden tour! Feast your eyes on the pictures…and make plans for Rita’s next visit!

Living room packed full!
Veronica hard at work in the kitchen pestoing
Dandelion refreshments
Rita on the right at the back
The lunchtime feast…it doesn’t get better than this
Sitting space on the stairs for lunch!
Queues for lunch
Dandelion buds
Dandinoodles (dandelion flower stems)
Røros sour cream with mixed greens
…..and a pesto made with 230 different Alliums! I was asked to collect as many different Alliums and in 30 minutes I managed 230…..

P1410805 P1410803 P1410801 P1410800 P1410799 P1410798 P1410791 P1410790

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