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The Chicago onion garden at Ringve on 3rd August 2018

The perennial bed onions

A little video showing various Alliums about to burst into flower on a bed I’ve always called the Perennial Bed as it was the first bed devoted to perennials. It’s in the shade most of the day.
0-11 secs: Various forms of Allium cernuum (Chicago onion, nodding onion / prærieløk) and broad-leaved Allium wallichii (Sherpa onion)
11-20: Allium cernuum, Hemerocallis (daylily/daglilje) and Clinopodium vulgare (wild basil)
31: Norrland Onion / Norrlandsløk
(all of the onions above are in my book)
38: Allium cyathophorum v. farreri (Farrer’s onion)

19th August 2017 Alliums

More Alliums in flower in the garden!!

Alliums 24th July 2017

Allium amplectans, Allium wallichii and ultra-slow Allium tricoccum…
Added today to my large nearly 800 picture Allium album: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150966880345860.471791.655215859&type=1&l=6e2cfcfba0

Allium wallichii seed harvest

I’m always struck by the beauty of this plant at all stages…the almost black seed pods which are also inky when crushed are wonderful at this time of year…

Illustrating the beauty of this plant even in fruit in early October and the large differences of different accessions of the same species..

I’m always struck by the beauty of this plant at all stages…the almost black seed pods which are also inky when crushed are wonderful at this time of year…
I was struck not only by the difference in colour but also the size of the seed pods is much smaller on the accession on the right. The flowers are also quite different


Nepalese feast in Malvik

A couple of weeks ago, I finally got round to inviting botanist Kamal Acharya and his wife Sharmila Phuyal​ to see my garden!! They were amazed to see so many plants that they were familiar with from home and I blogged about this here:

Nepalese meet their onion in Malvik

They asked (begged?) couldn’t we come and make you a Nepalese meal with plants from your garden! I just had to find time for this and I’m very glad I did as it was a fantstic meal. Yes, I’m a very lucky man!!

On FB: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10154245839730860.1073742717.655215859&type=1&l=6c748e5860

With Britt-Arnhild Wigum Lindland who took a few of the pictures!


This is what my new friends from Nepal called Allium wallichii, also known as Jimbu, Dunda, Yang, Himalayan onion, Nepal onion or Sherpa onion! They had actually never seen it live before as it grows at high altitudes :)

This is a little album showing off the wide range of forms I’m growing.. one of my favourite edimentals (edible ornamentals).
I wonder if a white form exists?
“Dark form” – this one flowers later than the others, so this is an old picture!

P1630228 P1630231 P1630233 P1630234 P1630236 P1630238 P1630239 P1630240 P1630241

This one has a fantastic scape (flower stem)






Nepalese meet their onion in Malvik

A lovely visit this evening from botanist Kamal Acharya and his wife Sharmila Phuyal​ and daughter. They taught me several new uses for my old plants!
For instance, we started indoors as it was pouring with rain outside and they noticed I was growing Andean vegetable Cyclanthera pedata (Achocha) in my living room and to my surprise told me it was commonly grown in Nepal and they not only used the small green fruits, but the top shoots and the black seeds. The latter are roasted, ground and mixed with salt, chili and perhaps lemon. The powder is also used as a flavouring in chutney :)
I enjoyed your visit! Welcome back another time when it’s not pouring with rain :)

Kamal and Sharmila posing with Nepalese onion, Allium wallichii, one of the 80 in my book :)
Sharmila and daughter posing with Nepalese onion, Allium wallichii, best I learned eaten with black lentils…
Sharmila showing how she sucked nectar from Canna flowers as a child…


Cyclanthera pedata (barela in Nepal), my living room climber just coming into flower. This Andean plant has been adopted by the Nepalese :)
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This is what I grew as Cyclanthera brachystachya “Fat Baby” in my old cold greenhouse in 2008. The picture was taken on 28th September.