The Herbal Garden of Nes, Seltjarnarnesbær

This is the last album from my September 2015 visit to Iceland. Accompanied by Auður Ingibjörg Ottesen and Hildur Arna Gunnarsdóttir I visited the Herbal Garden of Nes just outside of Reykjavik in  Seltjarnarnesbær.  The garden  was founded in 2010 in memory of three men who were pioneers in Icelandic health care and horticultural history (the first medical director and the first pharmacist) and the founder of the Icelandic Horticultural Society who also was a medical director of Iceland at a later date. One can see a living  exhibition here of plants that are believed to have been grown at Nes in 1760-1834. In addition, a number of  plants believed to have been grown at a much earlier data in Iceland’s monastic gardens are shown. Norwegian ethnobotanist Per Arvid Åasen has published papers on this with an Icelandic author Steinunn Kristjánsdóttir.
Well worth a visit out here to see the garden and walk in the surrounding nature reserve.








See the pictures here

See also the following page, including an Icelandic interview in the garden with Lilja Sigrún Jónsdóttir who is chair of the board of the garden.  She attended my talk the day before in Reykjavik, but sadly couldn’t join us in the garden:

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