Кокалянски манастир / Kokalyanski monastery

My last couple of hours in Bulgaria were equally amazing as the rest!  We drove south of Sofia to visit Кокалянски манастир „Св. Архангел Михаил“ (Kokalyanski monastery “Archangel Michael” ) and there were coincidences / cosmic resonances once again on the walk up the steep path to the monastery which too maybe 45 minutes. Halfway up we met mutual friends who I’d met at the European Permaculture Convergence in Bulgaria in 2014 and it was Archangel Michael’s feast day at the monastery. And thanks to my guardian(s) I made it to my flight!

Here’s the pictures and more information

Thanks once again to Ivan and Maria for your friendship, making my visits to Bulgaria highlights of a great year! Finally, thanks to project leader Margarita of the organisation People and Nature and finally Vassil Karaivanov who drove me everywhere!

About the monastery:

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