One of the best, well stocked, permaculture nurseries in Europe is Aiah Noack’s Naturplanteskolen (literally Natural Nursery or Plant School) just outside of Copenhagen. It is also an EDIMENTAL nursery, stocking many of the perennial vegetables in my book, permaculture plants and unusual fruit and berry bushes! My book is also on sale here!

See the pictures from my recent quick visit on transit from Bulgaria to Portugal!

Naturplanteskolen was accredited as a Permaculture LAND Centre this summer

Projects are, among other things, to transform an existing planted pine wood to a food forest (a forest garden and CSA orchard of 1.6 ha area), the careful renovation of buildings in a sustainable manner and the  involvement of many people – local community, members of the Natural Nursery friends and plant customers and to develop and demonstrate a sustainable economy where all are winners.

I have agreed to do a one day course here on 1st May 2016! See you there!

Contact details:
Stærkendevej 177
2640 Hedehusene
Ring 20 95 24 44

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