Perennial Greens 30th June 2015

The best period for perennial greens is now over, but there’s still a lot… Here’s some pictures of today’s haul into the kitchen…roughly from left to right: Dandelion/løvetann; burdock / borre (flower stems); Rumex alpinus (flower stems); Osmorhiza claytonii (flower stems); Turkish rocket / russekål (flower stems and broccolis); Giant bellflower/ storklokke; Cryptotaenia canadensis (flower shoots); Alcea spp. ; Turnip flowers; Scorzonera/scorsonnerot; Cirsium tuberosum (flower shoots); Allium cernuum hybrid; Hosta spp.; Rumex acetosa (non-flowering)


Scorzonera flower shoots and buds are one of my absolute favourites

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