Spring shoots in December

Claytonia virginiana, Spring Beauty
Clusters of unopened flowers of Claytonia virginiana, Spring Beauty
Large tuber under Claytonia virginiana, Spring Beauty
Angelica atropurpurea shoots

It’s normal that Hablitzia tamnoides and various Alliums have young shoots at this time of year, but I’d never seen shoots and clusters of flower buds on Spring Beauty (Claytonia virginiana) and Angelica atropurpurea before in December…

3rd year Paolo JA crosses

P1510276 P1510270 P1510277This is the 3rd year of growing Paolo Gaiardelli‘s first year Dayneutral x wild Italian crosses – harvested today! I’ve selected 5 interesting looking tubers to grow for a 4th year before deciding whether to keep them!

Here’s a Norwegian article about the project:  http://www.skogoglandskap.no/nyheter/2013/krysninger_mellom_vill_italiensk_og_norsk_jordskokk/newsitem

McMillion in Malvik

Enjoyable visit this weekend from Andrew McMillion from Nes, MdG politician, seed saver and soon to be a pioneering farmer! Great to have you here, Andrew!

Harvesting seed from my Heligoland perennial kale, the hardiest I’ve grown here!
I thought my Heligoland perennial kale was flowering itself to death,but no, new shoots appearing from the base and it’s in flower again too!
Hosta seed saving
Andrew couldn’t resist a few seed of the world’s top 3 hottest chilis!