Konjac / Amorphophallus rivieri

Last year my Konjac didn’t start sprouting until May, it’s already sprouting and I’m told it will flower!! Exciting and looking forward to the smell of rotting flesh!!









The picture shows what Cornucopia II tells about this edible plant, the source of Japanese konnjaku or Yam cake! I have yet to try. Hopefully this plant will make offsets so that I can start eating it in a year or two.






This is what my friend Kiku Day says about her experiences:
“Only tried it once or twice. We grated the raw root (with rubber gloves – otherwise your hands will itch). You can also blend it with water. Then we knead it as if it was bread dough. To this we added something. My Japanese friends explained i
t was calcium dissolved in water… The kneading was important here, I was told. Then we put this into square boxes and waited half an hour, which made it quite solid. Then we cut it out into squares like the shape of tofu. And left them in water for another half hour or so. Then they are ready for cooking but since they were fresh, we just ate them like that raw, cut into thin pieces, dipped in wasabi and soy sauce – like sashimi. Delicious! I rememer I thought it was quite exhaustive process… But it was also fun! Of course you can put the ready kon’yaku into dishes with bamboo shoots, shiitake mushrooms and carrots in dashi broth with soy sauce too”

More pictures in this album:


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