Last meeting in the Bulgarian Heritage Seed project

The last meeting in the Bulgarian-Norwegian Heritage Seed project was held at Hotel Jasmin in Simeonovo on the outskirts of Sofia on Sunday 8th November 2015. Here are some pictures from the meeting, including  Bulgarian project leader, Margarita Kaisheva of the organisation People and Nature , who presented pictures from her study trip to Norway and my own presentation which focused on a 25 page Guide to Seed Saving put together with Åsmund Asdal at the Norwegian Genetic Resource Centre.  I also talked about Norwegian Seed Savers and increasing vegetable diversity through perennials.  The meeting ended with some seed sharing between Norway and Bulgaria!

See my picture album here!

2 thoughts on “Last meeting in the Bulgarian Heritage Seed project”

  1. Hello there,
    May I have seeds or roots not seedlings of Fallopia Japonica and Ashitaba PLS!
    Thank you!
    Warm regards.

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