From the vaults: my Edible and Useful Plant Seed Trade List from 2000!

14 years ago and my seed list had some 1,000 entries and I even added a usage code (from Plants for a Future)………

Edible and Useful Plant Seed Trade List
for November 2000 to October 2001

About the Garden: Most of the seed offered is collected in my own garden here on the edge of the Trondheimsfjord at close to
64 deg. N an area of extreme climatic variability. The grass can be green on 1st January and snow might lie for a short while on
1st June. We talk about having two seasons – the green and the white winter. It is, however, surprisingly mild for the latitude. A
remarkable number of species survive the winter (or should I say summer) and seem to thrive. However, a number of the plants
are grown in pots and are moved in to a cold cellar (temperature just above zero in mid-winter) in the winter without extra

The garden is one of a network of organically run gardens in Norway and can be visited by agreement. We are just at the end of
our 17th season here. We use no input apart from compost, an important ingredient of which is seaweed which we collect every
spring.. We grow a wide range of vegetables many of which are not commonly grown here (e.g., Runner Beans, Broad Beans,
Parsnip etc.) in addition to a selection of fruit (plums, apples, red and blackcurrants, raspberries and gooseberries all grow well;
blackberries and pears are more marginal but always produce something). We also have a large collection of less common edible
perennials from around the world, herbs and other useful plants plus spring bulbs and a small alpine bed.

About the seed: The list below offers some 1000 species. All the seed offered is identified by its scientific name. In brackets is
given the year of collection and an indication of the quantities available. In most cases only small amounts are available. Most
of the year 2000 seed has been harvested in the garden, although some comes from the wild (this is noted). The 98 and 99 seed
is a mixture of leftover seed from the garden, some purchased seed and also surplus seed from seed trading last year on the
Internet. The old seed has been stored in a cool place and in most cases you will find that the seed has no problem germinating.
However, there are no guarantees. In some cases, we have both 00 and older seed (this is indicated). When the 00 seed runs out
we will replace by the older seed. The second column gives the English name, where known, and other relevant details. The last
column gives an indication of the general area of usage of each of the plants according to the code after the lists. Vegetable seed
is listed separately at the end.

Contact: Steve Barstow (e-mail:
Species marked in red indicate new species for the current list.
Botanical Name;Common Name;Usefulness Code
Abelmoschus manihot (99;F);Aibika;E,F
Abelmoschus moschatus (99;F, 98; F);Musk Mallow;E,A,O,P,R
Acacia podalyriifolia (00;F)*;Queensland Silver Wattle;F
Acaena caesiiglauca (98; F);(pale green) ;T?
Acaena novae-zelandiae? (00;F, 98; F);New Zealand Burr/ Piri Piri Burr; Most probably this
species; has proved hardy here for over 10 years;T
Acaena pinnatifida (99; S + 98);;T?
Acca sellowina (00;F)*;Feijoa;F,FU
Acer platanoides (98;F);Norway Maple;SU,E
Acer pseudoplatanus (98;S);Sycamore;SU,E
Acer rubrum (98; F);Red Maple;SU,E
Acer spicatum (98;F);Mountain Maple;SU,E
Achillea decolorans (00;F);English Mace;E,T
Achyranthes bidentata (98;F);Niu Xi;E,P
Acinos alpinus (00;F);Alpine calamint;E,T
Acinos arvensis (98;F)*;Basil Thyme;E
Aconitum septentrionale (98;F);Northern Wolfsbane;
Acorus calamus variegatus (98; F) OUT;Variegated Sweet Flag;E, CA, R, O, I, P
Actaea rubra (00;F, 99;S);Red Baneberry;
Actaea spicata (98;S + 97);Baneberry ;D, P
Actaea spp. (99;S);Larger than wild A. spicata ;
Actinidia arguta (98;F);Tara Vine;FU, NA
Actinidia polygama (98;F)*;Silver Vine;E,T,FU
Adenophora confusa (00;F, 99;F, 98;F);;E?
Adenophora latifolia (99;F,00;F);;E
Adenophora latifolia “Alba” (99;F) OUT;;E
Adenophora pereskiifolia (99;F);;E?
Adenophora triphylla (99;F);Nan Sha Shen;E
Adonis aestivalis (99; F );Pheasant’s Eye;
Adonis amurensis (99;S);;
Aesculus hippocastanum (98; F);Horse Chestnut;E,C
Agastache ‘Camphor Hyssop’ (98;S) *;;E,T,F
Agastache ‘Licquorice’ (99; S +98);;E,T,F
Agastache “Blue Spike” (99;F);;E,T,F
Agastache “Licqorice” (00;S);;E,T,F
Agastache anisata alba (00;F, 99;S);Anise Hyssop;E,T,F
Agastache cana (98;F);Hoary Balm of Gilead;E,T,F
Agastache mexicana (00;S);Mexican Giant Hyssop;E,T,F
Agastache nepetoides (98;S)*;Yellow Giant Hyssop;E,T,F
Agastache speciosa (99;F);;E,T,F
Agoseris aurantiaca (99;F) ;Mountain Dandelion;E,GU
Agrimonia eupatoria (99;S);Agrimony;E?,T,D
Agrimonia procera (00;F, 99;S + 98);Fragrant Agrimony;FR
Ailanthus altissima (99;F) ;Tree of Heaven;E?,D,E,TA,R,P
Albizia julibrissin (98; M);Mimosa;E,F,GU
Alchemilla alpina (98; F);Alpine Lady’s Mantle; collected Beitostølen, Norway ;E?,T?
Alliaria petiolata (99; M) ;Garlic Mustard;E,F,D
Allium aflutanense “Purple Sensation” (99;S);;E,F,P
Allium altaicum (99;F)*;;E,F,P
Allium ampeloprasum (98; M);Wild Leek;E,F,P
Allium angulosum (99;F);Mouse Garlic;E,F,P
Allium atropurpureum (99;F);;E,F,P
Allium canadensis (99;F);Canadian Garlic;E,F,P
Allium carinatum pulchellum (98;S);Keeled Garlic; Collected : Sweden;E,F,P
Allium cernuum “Pink Giant”(99;F)*;Nodding Onion;E,F,P
Allium cernuum “Rubra” (99;F) OUT;Nodding Onion;E,F,P
Allium cernuum (99; M + 98);Nodding Onion;E,F,P
Allium christophii (98; F);;E?,F,P
Allium neapolitanum “Album” (99;S);Daffodil Garlic;E,F,P
Allium obliquum (99; M);Twistedleaf Garlic;E,F,P
Allium schoenoprasum (00;F, 97;S);Chives;E,F,P
Allium schoenoprasum “Lav” (00;F);Chives;E,F,P
Allium schoenoprasum v. yezamonticola (99;F);Chives;E,F,P
Allium scorodoprasum (98; F);Sand Leek/Rocambole;E,F,P
Allium senescens calcareum (99; F);German Garlic;E,F,P
Allium senescens montanum (98; F);German Garlic;E,F,P
Allium stellatum (99; M);Prairie Onion;E,F,P
Allium strictum (99; S);;E,F,P
Allium suaveolens (99;F) ;;E,F,P
Allium tuberosum (00;F, 99; F);Chinese (or Garlic) Chives;E,F,P,O,S
Allium ursinum (00; F);Ramsons;E,F,P,DI
Alnus glutinosa (00;F) ;Common Alder;D, S, TA
Alternanthera versicolor (98; F);Copperleaf;
Althaea officinalis (99;S);Marshmallow;E,T,R,G,O,TO
Alyssum pulvinare (98; F) OUT;;
Amaranthus caudatus viridis(99;F);Love Lies Bleeding;E,D,FC
Amaranthus hypochondiacus (98;S);Prince’s Feather;E,D
Amaranthus retroflexus (99; M)* ;Pigweed;E,D
Amelanchier alnifolia (00;F);Saskatoon;FU, T
Amelanchier grandiflora ( 98; F);Apple Serviceberry (probably same as A. lamarckii);FU
Amelanchier lamarckii (00;F);Apple Serviceberry;FU
Amelanchier rotundifolia (98; F) ;Snowy Mespilus;FU
Amelopsis brevipedunculata (99;F);;
Ammi majus (99;S);Bishop’s Weed;E, SP
Ammi visnaga (99;F)*;Visnaga;E,TO
Anagallis arvensis (00;F)*;Scarlet Pimpernel;
Andromeda polifolia (98;F);Bog Rosemary, Collected Beitostølen, Norway;T?
Androsace albana (00;S);;
Androsace elongata (99;F);Elongated Androsace;
Androsace fedtchenkoi (99;F);;
Androsace maxima (98; F);;
Androsace septentrionalis (00;S, 98;F);Northern Androsace;
Anemone cylindicra (99;S, 98; F);Candle Anemone;
Anemone narcissiflora (00;F) OUT;Narcissus-flowered Anemone;E?
Anemone virginiana (00;F, 98;F);Tall Thimbleweed;
Angelica archangelica ssp. archangelica v.majorum;Vossakvann – old Norwegian cultivated
Angelica gigas ( 99; M);Korean Angelica;E
Angelica saxatilis (00;M);;?
Anoda cristata (99;F);;
Anomatheca laxa alba (00;F)*;;
Antennaria dioica (99; F);Catsfoot; Collected Malvik; Norway;DR

Anthemis chia (00;S);;
Anthemis tinctoria (00;F, 99; S + 98);Yellow Chamomile;D
Anthericum liliago (00;F);St. Bernard’s Lily;
Anthericum ramosum (00;F, 99; F);;
Anthriscus cerefolium (99; F);Chervil;E,F
Anthyllis vulneraria ‘rubra’ (98; F);Kidney Vetch;T
Anthyllis vulneriara (99;S + 98);Kidney Vetch;T
Apium graveolens (98; S + 97)*;Wild Celery;E,O,P
Aquilegia alpina (98; M);Alpine Columbine;
Aquilegia atrata (98; F);Dark Columbine;
Aquilegia canadensis (00;S, 99; S);Wild Columbine;E?,F, P,S
Aquilegia canadensis v. flavescens “Corbet” (99;S);Wild Columbine;E?,F, P,S
Aquilegia flabellata (99;S);Fan Columbine;E?,F,P
Aquilegia flabellata ‘nana’ (98; F);Fan Columbine;E?,F,P
Aquilegia formosa (98; F);Western Columbine;E?,F, P,S
Aquilegia glandulosa v. jukunda (99;S);;
Aquilegia saximontana (99;S);;
Arabis alpina (00;F, 99; S);Alpine Rock Cress;E,F
Arabis alpina var. alpina (98; M) ;Alpine Rock Cress; Collected Oppdal, Norway;E,F
Arabis cypria (99;F);;
Arabis hirsuta (00; F);Hairy Rock Cress;E
Arabis soyeri (99; F);Soyer’s Rock Cress;
Aralia elata (99;S);Japanese Angelica Tree;E
Arbutus spp. (98;F);Collected: Cefallonia, Greece;FU
Arctium minus (99;F);Lesser Burdock;E,C
Arctostaphylos alpinus (98; F);Black Bearberry; Collected Beitstølen, Norway;FU
Argemone polyanthemum (98; F) OUT;;
Arisaema amurense (99; S);Tian Nan Xing;E?
Arisaema consanguineum (99;F);;
Arisaema flavum (99; F);;P
Arisaema tortuosum (99;F);;E?
Aristolochia contorta (99; S);Ma dou ling;E?
Armeria “Fresh Face” (99;F);;E?
Armeria maritima (99; S);Thrift;E
Armeria maritima “Bright Pink” (99; S)*;Thrift;E
Armeria maritima “Pale Pink” (99; S)*;Thrift;E
Armeria maritima alba (00;F)*;Thrift;E
Aronia melanocarpa (99; F);Black Chokeberry ;FU, PE
Aronia x prunifolia (99;F) OUT;Purple Chokeberry;FU
Artemisia annua (99;F*, 98; S);Sweet Annie/ Qing Hao;O,S,A, H,
Artemisia ludoviciana albula (98; S);White Sage;E,F,T,S,P
Artemisia umbelliformis (98;F);Alpine Wormwood;A
Artemisia vulgaris (99; S);Mugwort;E,T,A,P
Arthropodium cirratum (00;F, 99; F + 98);Renga Renga Lily; Maori food plant;E
Arum italicum (00;F);Italian Lords and Ladies;E?
Arum maculatum (98, F) OUT;Lords and Ladies or Cuckoo Pint; Collected, Hampshire,
Aruncus kamtschaticum (99;S);;
Asarum europaeum (00;F);Asarabacca;D
Asclepias incarnata (99;S);Swamp Milkweed;E,F,R,RU,O
Asclepias incarnata ‘Ice Ballet’ ( 98; S);Swamp Milkweed;E,F,R,RU,O
Asclepias physocarpus (99;S);;?
Asclepias rubra (99;F);Red Sikweed;E,F,SU,G,R,O,RU
Asclepias speciosa (99;S);Showy Milkweed;E,F,G,R,RU,O,D
Asclepias syriaca (99;F);Common Milkweed;E,F,O,R,RU,O,B
Asimina triloba (99;F);Papaw;FU,R,D,P
Asparagus officinalis (99;F);Wild Asparagus; Collected Venice, Italy ;E,C,P
Aster alpinus (98; S);Alpine Aster;
Aster cordifolius ‘ideal’ (98; S);Common Blue Wood Aster;E
Aster cordifolius “Little Carlow” (99;S);Common Blue Wood Aster;E
Aster macrophyllus (98; F);Bigleaf Aster;E
Astragalus membranaceus (99;F);Huang Qi;
Astrantia major ‘pale’ (99; S + 98);Astrantia;
Astrantia major ‘red’ (99;S + 98);Astrantia;
Atriplex hortensis ‘Gold Plume’ (99;F)*;Garden Orache;E,D
Atriplex hortensis ‘Green Plume’ (99;F, 98; F) *;Garden Orache;E,D
Atriplex hortensis ‘Red Plume’ (99;F)*;Garden Orache;E,D
Atriplex hortensis ‘yellow’ (98; F)*;Garden Orache;E,D
Atropa acuminata (99;F);Indian Belladonna;
Atropa belladonna (99;F);Deadly Nightshade;DE
Ballota nigra (99; F + 98);Black Horehound;
Barbarea vulgaris variegata ( 98; F);Common Wintercress;E
Basella alba (99;F)*;Ceylon Spinach;E,T,FC,D
Basilicum ‘Sweet’ (97;F)*;Basil;E,F,T,O,NA,P
Basilicum “Large Leaved” (99;F)*;Basil;E,F,T,O,NA,P
Basilicum “Massive” (99;F)*;Basil;E,F,T,O,NA,P
Belamcanda chinensis (00; F)**;Leopard Lily;E?
Bellis perennis(98; F);Daisy;E,F,P
Berberis ostasa (00;F);;E?
Berberis vulgaris (99; F + 98);Barberry;E,T,D,FU
Berberis vulgaris (black berried form) ( 98; F) ;Barberry;E,T,D,FU
Beta vulgaris maritima (00;S)*;Wild Beet; Collected Brittany, France;E
Borago officinalis (00;F, 99; S + 98);Borage;E,F,T,D
Briza maxima (99; F)*;Pearl Grass;
Bryonia cretica (00;S);;E?
Bulbinella hookeri (99; F + 98);;E?
Bupleurum falcatum scorizonefolium (99;F)*;Thorrow-wax;E, SU
Bupleurum rotundifolium(98; F);Hare’s Ear;E
Bursaria spinosa (99;F)*;Christmas Bush;SP
Buxus sempervirens (98; S);Box; Collected Derbyshire, England;A,D
Cacalia atripicifolia (99;F);Pale Indian Plantain;E
Caesalpina spinosa (98; F);Source : Chile;TA, D
Calamintha cretica (98; F);;?
Calamintha grandiflora (99; F + 98);Large-flowered Calamint or Mountain Balm;E,T
Calamintha nepeta (98; F);Lesser Calamint;E,T
Calamintha nepeta ssp. glandulosa (98; F);Lesser Calamint;E,T
Calendula “Touch of Red” (99;F)*;;E,D,T,P,S,D,O
Calendula arvensis (99;F)*;Field Marigold;E,F
Caltha leptosepala (99; F);Western Marsh Marigold;E,F?
Calycanthus fertilis (99;F);Eastern Sweet Shrub;CO
Calycanthus floridus (98; S) OUT;Carolina Allspice;CO,P
Camassia cusickii (00; F, 99;F);;
Camassia leichtlinii alba (99;F);Wild Hyacinth;E
Camassia quamash (00;F, 99; S);Quamash;E
Camelina sativa (99;F)*;Gold of Pleasure;O,R
Campanula alliarifolia (00;S);Cornish Bellflower;E,F
Campanula carpatica turbinata (99;F);Tussock Bellflower;E,F
Campanula cochlearifolia (98;F);Fairie’s Thimbles;E,F
Campanula garganica (98; F) OUT;Adriatic Bellflower;E,F
Campanula lasiocarpa (99;F);;E
Campanula latifolia (99; M + 98);Giant Bellflower;E,F
Campanula medium calycanthema (98; M);Canterbury Bells;E,D
Campanula ochroleuca (99;S);;E?
Campanula persicifolia (99;M+ 98);Peach Leaved Bellflower;E, F
Campanula persificolia alba (99; S, 98;F);Peach Leaved Bellflower;E, F
Campanula portenschlagiana (oo;F, 99; F);Adria Bellflower;E,F
Campanula pulla (00;F)*;;E?
Campanula pyramidalis (98; F);Chimney Bellflower;E,F
Campanula pyramidalis alba (99;F);Chimney Bellflower;E,F
Campanula rapunculus (00;F, 99; S + 98);Rampion;E,F
Campanula rotundifolia (99; S + 98);Harebell or Scottish Bluebell;E,F
Campanula trachelium (00;F)*;Nettle–leaved Bellflower;E?
Cardamine flexuosa (98; F )*;Wavy Bittercress ;E
Cardamine hirsuta (98; S);Hairy Bittercress (Warning: Invasive);E
Cardamine oligosperma (98; S) *;Spring Cress;E
Cardamine pratensis (98; F);Cuckoo Flower; Wild Collected; South England;E,F
Cardiocrinum glehnii (99;F);;
Cardiospermum halicacabum (99;F)*;Heart seed;E
Carum carvi (99; M);Caraway;E,O,T,P,S
Carum roxburghianum (98;F);Ajmud ;
Carya ovata (99;F);Shagback Hickory;E,D,SU
Carya spp. (99;F);Hickory;
Cassia marylandica (99;F);Wild Senna;
Ceanothus americana (00; F)**;New Jersey Tea;T,D,B
Cedronella canariensis (00;F, 99; F + 98);Balm of Gilead;D,T
Celastrus scandens (99;F);Climbing Bittersweet;E?
Celosia trigyna (98; S) +*;Silver Spinach;
Celtis caucasia (98; F);;FU
Centaurea montana (99; S);Mountain Cornflower;
Centaurea nigra (00;F);Black knapweed;F
Centaurea pygmaea (00;S);;
Centaurea scabiosa (98; S);Greater Knapweed; Collected North England;
Cephalaria alpina (00;S);Alpine Scabious;
Cephalaria alpina ‘nana’ (98; F);Alpine Scabious;
Cephalotaxus harringtonia (99;F) OUT;Japanese Plum Yew;E,FU,O
Cercis canadensis (99; F + 98)*;Redbud;F,CO
Cercis canadensis alba (99;F);Redbud;F,CO
Cerinthe major (00;F, 99;F)*;Honeywort;
Cerinthe major “Purpurascens” (00;F);Honeywort;
Chaerophyllum bulbosum (00;M);Turnip rooted chervil;E
Chamaemelum nobile (98; F);Chamomile;T,A,D,S
Chelidonium majus (00;S, 99; F + 97);Greater Celandine;E?, O
Chenopodium album ( 99; M) ;Lamb’s quarters;E,F,D,B
Chenopodium ambrosioides (97; S)*
;Epazote or Wormseed;E,T
Chenopodium berlandieri (98;F)*;Southern Huazontle;E,D
Chenopodium bonus-henricus (00;S, 99; S + 98);Good King Henry;E,D
Chenopodium foliosum (00;S, 99; M + 98);Beetberry;E,D
Chenopodium giganteum ( 98; M);Tree Spinach;E,D
Chenopodium murale (98;F)*;Nettleleaf Goosefoot;E,D
Chenopodium quinoa ‘Dave’ (00, S, 99)*;Quinoa;E,D
Chrysanthemum cinerariifolium (98;F)*;Pyrethum; Dalmatian pellitory;P
Cicerbita alpina (00;S, 98; F);Alpine Sow Thistle;E
Cichorus officinalis (99; M);Chicory; Source:USA;C,E,D
Cinnamomum camphora (99;S)*;Camphor;E,O,S,P,PA
Cirsium helenioides (98; F);Melancholy Thistle;
Cirsium oleraceum (00;F, 99; S);Siberian or Cabbage Thistle;E,O
Clarkia unguiculata (99;F, 98;F)*;Elegant Fairyfan;E,D
Claytonia perfoliata (00;F, 99; S);Miner’s Lettuce;E,F
Clematis alpina (99; M + 98);Alpine Clematis;
Clematis serratifolia (98; F);;E?
Clinopodium vulgare (00;F, 99; F + 98);Wild Basil; Collected Malvik, Norway;E
Cnicus benedictus (98; S);Blessed Thistle;E,O
Cochlearia officinalis (99; S);Scurvy Grass;E
Coix lacryma-jobi (98; F);Job’s Tears;E,T,C
Commelina coelestis ‘alba’ (00;F, 98; F);Blue Spiderwort;E
Commelina dianthifolia (98; S);Birdbill dayflower;E
Conopodium majus (00;S, 99; F);Pignut;E
Consolida regalis “Blue Cloud” (99;F);;P,D
Convallaria majalis (00;F, 99; F + 98; S);Lily of the Valley;A,S,D
Conyza cardaminifolia (98; S);Cress-leaved Tickweed;NA
Corchorus olitorius Iraq ( 98; S);Jew’s Mallow;E,T,R
Corchorus olitorius Japan (98; S);Jew’s Mallow;E,T,R
Corchorus olitorius Nigeria (98; S);Jew’s Mallow;E,T,R
Cornus australis (99;F);;FU,O,D,R
Cornus floridus (99;F);American Dogwood;FU,NA,D,TO
Cornus mas (00;F) OUT;Cornelian Cherry;FU,O,C,D,TA
Cornus suecica (99; F);Dwarf Cornel;FU
Cortusa matthioli (00;S, 99; F);Alpine Bells;
Cortusa matthioli alba (99; F);Alpine Bells;
Cortusa turkestanica (98;F) OUT;;
Corydalis aurea (99;F) OUT;Scrambled Eggs;
Corydalis edulis (99; F + 98);;E?
Corydalis sempervirens (00;F+ 99;S);;
Corydalis smithiana (99;F) OUT;;
Coryllus avellana (98; F);Wild Hazel; Collected, Malvik, Norway;E,D,O
Crassocephalum crepidioides (99; F)+*;Ebolo/ Okinawan Spinach;
Crataegus crus-galli (99;F);Cockspur Thorn;FU
Crataegus holmesiana (98; F);Holme’s Hawthorn;FU
Crataegus monogyna (00;F, 98; F);Hawthorn;FU,T,F,C
Crataegus rotundifolia (98;F) ;Guillomo;FU
Crataegus sanguinea (98; F );;FU
Crataegus submollis (98; F + 97);Red Haw;FU
Crithmum matritimum (99;M);Rock Samphire;E,O,P
Cymbopogon martynii (98;F)*;Rosha Grass/ Geranium Grass;O,GU,E
Cymbopogon obtectus (98;F)*;;
Cystopteris fragilis ( 98, S ) ;Bottle Bladder Fern;E?
Cytisus scoparius (99; S + 98);Broom;C,R,F,D,A,S
Dasylirion longissima (99;F) ;;
Datisca cannabina (99;F);Acalbir;D
Datura discolor (99,S);;
Datura fastuosa (99;S);;
Datura ferox (99;S);;
Datura inoxia (98; S);Downy Thorn Apple; 20 cm. White with thick Branches;
Datura inoxia (98; S);Downy Thorn Apple; 20 cm. White;
Datura inoxia (98; S);Downy Thorn Apple; 20 cm. White with slender branches;
Datura inoxia ‘compact form’ (98;F);Downy Thorn Apple;
Datura leichhardtii (99;S);;
Datura metel (99; S + 98) ;Collected originally in the Batanes Islands, Philippines;Single
Datura meteloides (98; S) ;Downy Thorn Apple; 18 cm. White with pink margin;
Datura meteloides (98; S);Downy Thorn Apple; 20-24 cm. White with pale purple margin;
Datura meteloides (98; S);Downy Thorn Apple; 22-26 cm. White with rich blueish/purple
Datura meteloides (98; S);Downy Thorn Apple; 22 cm. White with pale purple margin. Partly
Datura meteloides (99;F);;
Datura stramonium var. inermis (98; S);Thorn Apple; 10 cm. White; Spineless;P
Datura stramonium var. stramonium (98; S);Thorn Apple; 10 cm. White flowers;P
Datura stramonium var. stramonium (98; S);Thorn Apple; 10 cm. White;P
Datura stramonium var. tatula (98; S);Thorn Apple; 8 cm. Pale reddish violet;P
Datura stramonium var. tatula(98; S);Thorn Apple; 10-12 cm. Lavender;P
Datura tatula (99;S);;
Datura tatula var. inermis (99;F);;
Datura wrightii (98; S) ;20-26 cm. White with pale lavender margin;
Datura wrightii (99;S);Coll. Coxcombe/Granite Mountains, California;
Daucus carota (98; F);Queen Anne’s Lace, Wild Carrot;E,F,S,C,O
Delphinium brunonianum (99;S );;P,O
Dendranthema arctica (99;F);;E?
Descurainea sophia (00;S, 99;F) ;Flixweed;E,NA,O
Desmanthus illinoensis (99;S);Prairie Mimosa;E
Dianella ensifolia (98; F) ;;E?
Dianthus deltoides (99; S + 98);Maiden Pink;S
Dianthus deltoides alba (97; F);Maiden White;S
Dianthus knappii (99;F);;
Dianthus plumarius ‘Little Bobby’ (99;F);;E,NA
Dianthus plumarius semperflorens (00;S, 99; F);;E,NA
Dicentra exima (99;F);Fringed Bleeding Heart;
Dicentra spectabilis “Pink old fashioned” (00;S);Bleeding Heart;E
Dictamnus albus (99;F);Burning Bush;O,T
Digitalis grandiflora (98; M);Large Yellow Foxglove;
Digitalis lanata (00;S, 98; F);Grecian Foxglove;
Digitalis lutea (99; S + 98);Small White Foxglove;
Digitalis purpurea (00;S, 98; M);Foxglove;
Digitalis purpurea (sport) (99; M);Foxglove;
Digitalis purpurea “Gelbe Lanze” (99;F)*;Foxglove (Yellow);
Diospyros kaki (99;F);Persimmon;FU,SU,C, S
Dipsacus fullonum (98; F);Collected South England;D, R
Dipsacus japonicus (00;S);Xu Duan;E
Dodecatheon meadia (00;S);;
Dodecatheon pulchellum “Red Wings” (00;F);Western Shooting Star;
Dodonaea viscosa purpurea (99;F);Native Hops;E,A,TA
Draba cappadocica (99;F);;
Draba hispanica (00;S, 98; F);;
Draba igarishii (99;F);;
Draba incana (98; S) ;Twisted Whitlow Grass; Wild collected; mid – Norway;
Draba lasiocarpa (00;F, 98; F);Woolly-fruited Whitlow Grass;
Draba spp. ? (98; S);;
Dracocephalum moldavicum (98; F)*;Moldavian Balm;E,T,O
Dracocephalum spp. (99;F)*;Ex Halda (Tien Shan);
Dryas octopetala (00;F);Mountain Avens; Wild collected; mid – Norway;T
Dryas x sundermanii (00;S);Large flowered mountain avens;
Dryopteris dilatata (99;F);Shield Fern;E,R
Duchesnea indica (98; F);Indian Strawberry;E,FU
Ecballium elaterinum (98; F) *;Squirting Cucumber;
Echinacea pallida (99;F);Coneflower;
Echinacea purpurea (99; F);Echinacea;E?
Echinacea purpurea “alba” (99;F);Echinacea;E?
Echinacea purpurea “White Swan” (99;F);Echinacea;E?
Echium russicum (99;F) OUT;;
Echium vulgare (98; F);Viper’s Bugloss;E?,D
Eclipta prostrata (98; S);False Daisy;E,D
Edraianthus tenuifolius (00;F);;
Elaeagnus pungens (99;F);Elaeagnus;E, FU
Eleutherocossus senticosus (99;F);Siberian Ginseng;E,T
Elsholtzia ciliata (99; S);Crested Late-Summer-Mint;E
Emilia sonchifolia (98;F)*;Cupid’s Shaving Brush;E
Endymion non-scriptus (00;S, 99; F + 98);Bluebell;G
Ephedra distachya (99;F);Sea Grape;FU
Ephedra nevadensis (99;F)*;Mormon Tea;E,FU,T
Epilobium angustifolium (99; S + 98);Rosebay Willowherb; Collected, Berkåk, Norway ;E,F,T,R
Epilobium angustifolium alba (00;S);Rosebay Willowherb;E,F,T,R
Epilobium glabellum sulphureum (00;F)*;;E
Epipactis atrorubrens (00;S);Dark Red Helleborine; Collected: Malvik, Norway;
Erigeron compositus (99;S);Cut-leaved Daisy;
Erinus alpinus (99; S + 98);Fairy Foxglove;
Erodium cicutarium (00;F);Common Stork’s Bill;E,GU,D,FN
Eruca sylvatica (99;F, 98; F) *;Rustic Rocket;E
Eruca vesicaria (98;F);Rocket;E
Eryngium alpinum (00;F);Queen of the Alps;
Eryngium bourgatii (00;S, 99; F + 98);Pyrenean Eryngo;
Eryngium maritimum (99;F);Sea Holly;E
Eryngium pandanifolium (98; M);;R
Erythronium dens-canis (00;F);Dog’s Tooth Violet;E
Eschscholzia californica (99; S, 98;F);Californian Poppy;E?
Euodia daniellii (99;F);Chosen-goshuyu;O
Euonymus europaeus (00;F, 98; F);Spindle Tree;D,O,B,P,R
Euonymus sachilinensis (99; F);;E?,R
Eupatorium cannabinum (00;F, 99; S + 98);Hemp Agrimony;P,FN
Eupatorium purpureum (99;F) ;Joe Pye Weed;
Euphorbia lathyris (99;F)*;Caper Spurge;E?,O
Euptelea pleiosperma (99;F);;E
Fagopyrum esculentum (99;F);Buckwheat;E,A,D
Fagopyrum tataricum ‘Madawaska’(00;S, 99;S);Madawaska Buckwheat;E,O
Fallugia paradoxa (99;F);Apache Plume;O,S
Fedia cornucopiae (98; F);African Valerian;E
Ferula communis (98; F) OUT;Giant Fennel ;E,GU
Filipendula vulgaris (00;S, 99; S + 98);Dropwort;A,E
Foeniculum vulgare (98;F);Fennel;E,CO,O,T,P,D
Foeniculum vulgare purpureum (99;S);Bronze Fennel;E,CO,O,T,P,D
Fragaria “Alpine Pineapple” (00;F);Pineapple Alpine Strawberry;E,C,D,T
Fragaria vesca (00;S, 99; F + 98);Wild strawberry;E,C,D,T
Fragaria vesca ‘Alpine Strawberry’ (98; F)*;Alpine Strawberry;E,C,D,T
Fragaria vesca ‘Rugens’ (97; F);;E,C,D,T
Fragaria virginiana (99;S);Scarlet Strawberry;FU,T,TO
Frangula alnus (00;F, 99; F + 98; F);Alder Buckthorn;D
Fritillaria meleagris (99; S + 98);Snakehead Fritillary;
Fritillaria michailovskyi (99;F);;
Fritillaria pallidiflora (00;S, 99; S );Pale-flowered Fritillary;
Fritillaria ussuriensis (00;F) OUT;;
Galega officinalis alba(98; F);Goat’s Rue;E?, S,RE
Galeopsis tetrahit (00;S);;O,R
Galium oderatum (99; F + 98; F) ;Woodruff;E,A,F,D,FR
Gaultheria cuneata (99;F);;
Gaultheria miqueliana (99;F);Miquel’s Spicy Wintergreen;FU
Gaultheria procumbens (99;F);Checkerberry;E,FU,T,O
Gentiana acaulis (00;S) OUT;Trumpet Gentian;
Gentiana asclepiadea (99; M + 98);Willow Gentian;
Gentiana frigida (99;F) OUT;Styrian Gentian;
Gentiana lutea (99; S);Great Yellow Gentian;A,CO
Gentiana nivalis (98; S) OUT;Snow Gentian;
Gentiana pneumonanthe (99;F);Marsh Gentian;D
Gentiana scabra var. buergeri OUT;Long Dan Cao;E?
Gentiana septemfida ssp. latifolia (99;F) ;;
Gentiana tibetica (99;F);;
Geranium pratense (99;F);Meadow Cranesbill;
Geranium sanguineum (00;F, 98; F + 97);Bloody Cranesbill;
Geranium sibiricum (00;F, 99; F);Siberian Cranesbill;
Geranium wallichianum “Buxton’s var.” (99;F) OUT;;D,TA
Geum aleppicum (99; S);Yellow Avens;E
Geum chiloense ‘Mrs. Bradshaw’ (98; F);;
Geum reptans (00;S, 99; F + 98);Creeping Avens;
Geum rivale “Leonard’s variety” (99;F);Water Avens;A,CO,NA
Geum triflorum (98; S);Purple Avens;T,S
Geum urbanum (00;F);Wood Avens;E,A,NA,CO,P,TA
Gevuina avellana (99;F)*;Chilean Hazel;E,C,TA
Gingko triloba (98; F);Gingko;E
Glaucium flavum (99; F) *;Collected: Cefallonia, Greece;O,B
Globularia cordifolia (99;S) ;Matted Globularia;
Globularia incanescens (99;S);Apennine Globularia;
Globularia nudicaulis (98; F);Leafless-stemmed Globularia;
Glycyrrhiza glabra (98; F)*;Liquorice;NA,T,A,R
Gossypium herbacea (98; F)*;Cotton;R
Gossypium thurberii (99;F)*;Wild Cotton;R
Grindelia squarrosa (00;S);Rosin Weed;T,GU,D
Guizotia abyssinica (98; F);Ramtil;E,O,B,PA
Gymnocladus dioicus (99;F);Kentucky Coffee Tree;E,C, B,P
Gynandriris sisyrinchium (99;F);Spanish Nut;E?,CO
Hablitzia tamnoides (99;F);;E
Heimia salicifolia ( 98; F);Erva de Vida;A
Helianthemum nummularium (98; S );Common Rock Rose;
Helianthemum ovatum (98; F);;
Helianthus “Large Russian” (98;F);Sunflower;E,O,F,C,D
Helianthus annuus (99;F)*;Multistemmed; Red;E,O,F,C,D
Helianthus bismarckianus (98; F) ;Sunflower;E,O,F,C,D
Helianthus cucumerifolius debilis (99;F)*;;E?
Helianthus debilis “Italian White” (99;F)*;;E?
Helianthus maximilanii (98; S)*;Maximillian Sunflower;E,O
Helleborus foetidus (99;F);Stinking Hellebore;P?
Heracleum sibiricum (98; S);;E?
Hesperis matronalis (99; S + 98);Dame’s Violet;E,O,S
Heuchera americana (98; F);Rock Geranium;TA
Heuchera cylindrica “Greenfinch” (00;F)*;Alum Root;E,D,TA
Heuchera micracantha ‘Palace Purple’ (98; F);Alum Root;E?,TA, S
Heuchera pulchella (99;F) OUT;;
Hibiscus sabdariffa (98;F);Roselle;E,F,T,C,O,D,R
Hieracium alpinum (00;F);;
Hieracium aurantiacum (98; F);Orange Hawkweed;
Hieracium lanatum (98; S);Wooly Hawkweed;
Hieracium pilosum (00;S);;
Hieracium umbellatum (99; S);Leafy Hawkweed;E?
Hordeum jubatum (99;F);Foxtail Barley;E,C
Hordeum murinum (00;F);Wall Barley ;E
Horminum pyrenaicum (00;F, 99; S + 98);Dragonmouth ;
Hosta plantaginea (99;F) OUT;August Lily;E?,O
Hosta sieboldiana “elegans” (99;S);;E
Hutchinsia alpina ssp.auerswaldii (98; F)*;Chamois Cress;
Hypericum androsaemum (00;F, 98; F);Tutsan;
Hypericum perforatum (99; F + 98);Perforate St. John’s Wort;A,T,D,F
Hypochoeris maculata (98; S);Spotted Hawkweed;E
Hyssopus officinalis (00;F, 99; F + 98);Hyssop (Blue flowered);E,A,S
Hyssopus officinalis ‘Pink’ (00;F, 99; F);Pink Hyssop;E,A,S
Hyssopus officinalis ‘White’ (00;F, 99; F + 98);White Hyssop;E,A,S
Hyssopus schugari (99;F);;E?
Impatiens capensis ( 99; F) *;Orange Balsam; Jewelweed;E,FN,D
Impatiens glandulifera (00;S);Himalayan Balsam;E,O
Inula helenium (00;M, 99; S + 98) ;Elecampane;E,D,O
Iris foetidissima (99;F);Stinking Gladwin;
Iris pseudacorus (00;S, 98; S);Yellow Flag;C,D
Iris sibirica (99;S) ;Siberian Iris;E?, P
Isatis tinctoria (98; S);Woad;D,O,E
Kalimeris incisa (99;F);;E
Lactuca serriola (99;S);Wild Lettuce;E?,O,B,PA
Lactuca virosa (98; S);Wild Lettuce;E?,O
Lagerstroemia indica nana (99;F);Crepe Myrtle;
Lamium album (00;F, 98; F);White Dead-Nettle;E,T
Lapageria rosea (99;F)*;Chilean Roseflower ;FU
Lapeyouria cruenta (00;F, 99; S + 98) ;(Red flowered African bulb);
Laportea canadensis (99;F)*;Canadian Wood Nettle;E,R
Larrea tridentata (99;F)*;Creosote Bush;F,T,FN
Laser trilobum (99;F)*;Gladich;E?,NA,CO,O
Laserpitium siler (98; F);Laserwort;CO, A
Lathyrus japonicus ssp. maritimus (98; F);Beach Pea (wild collected; Finland);E,C
Lathyrus odoratus “Floribunda Blue” (99;F)*;Sweet Pea;O,S
Lathyrus vernus (00;S, 98; F) ;Spring Pea;
Lavandula angustifolia ?? (99; F);Lavender;E,F,T,O,S, FR
Lavandula angustifolia ‘Dwarf’ (99; F);Lavender;E,F,T,O,S, FR
Lavandula angustifolia “Munstead” (00;F);Lavender;E,F,T,O,S, FR
Lavatera thuringiaca (99;F)*;Lavatera;E,F,R
Leibnitzia anandria (98; F);;E
Leonurus cardiaca (00;S, 99; S + 98);Motherwort;A,T,D
Leonurus sibiricus (99;F)*;;E,O
Lepidium fremontii (98;F)*;Desert Pepperweed;E,NA
Lepidium virginicum (99; M)* ;Poor Man’s Pepper;E,CO
Leucanthemum vulgare (99; M);Ox-eye Daisy;E
Levisticum officinale (00;M, 99; M);Lovage;E,F,T,S,O
Lewisia columbiana var. wallowensis (99;F) OUT;Columbian Bitter-root;E
Lewisia cotyledon “Regenbogen” (99;F) OUT;;
Lewisia pygmaea (00;S, 99;S) ;Pigmy Bitter-root;E
Lewisia pygmaea “alba” (99;F) OUT;Pigmy Bitter-root;E
Lewisia rediviva (99;F) OUT;Bitter-root;E
Lewisia sierrae (99;F);;
Leymus mollis (99; F);;
Liatris pycnostachya (99;F);;
Liatris spicata (00;F, 99;F);Gayfeather;P,FR
Liatris spicata ‘Alba’ (99; F)*;Gayfeather;P,FR
Liatris spicata “Kobald” (99;F);Gayfeather;P,FR
Ligularia fisherii (99;F);;
Ligularia hodgsonii (99;F) OUT;;E
Ligularia japonica (99;S) OUT;;E
Ligusticum scoticum 00;S, (99; M);Scots Lovage;E,CA
Lilium dauricum (99;F) OUT;;E,F
Lilium longiflorum (99;F);White Trumpet Lily;E,F,O
Lilium martagon “Mixed Hybrids” (99;F);Turk’s Cap Lily;E
Lilium pardalinum (99;F) OUT;Panther Lily;E
Lilium pumilum (99;S);Coral Lily;E
Lilium pyrenaicum (00;S);Pyrenean Lily;
Lilium tsingtauense (99;F);;E
Linaria alpina (00;F, 98; F);Alpine Toadflax;
Linaria triornithophora (99;F) OUT;;
Linaria triphylla (99;S);;
Linum campanulatum (99;F);;
Linum perenne (00;F, 99; F);Perennial Flax;E,O,R
Linum perenne ‘album’ (00;F, 98; F);Perennial Flax;E,O,R
Lippia dulcis (98; S);Sweet Aztec Herb;E
Liquidambar styraciflua (99;F);Sweet Gum;GU,I,S,B,TO,G
Lithospermum officinale (00;F, 99; S + 97);Common Gromwell;T,D
Lobelia sessilifolia (99;F);;E?
Lobelia siphilitica (00;F)*;Great Blue Lobelia;
Loiseleuria procumbens (98; F);Collected Beitostølen, Norway;
Lonicera morrowii (99;F);;FU?
Lonicera periclymenum (00;F, 99; F);Wild Norwegian origin;SU
Lonicera xylosteum (00;F, 99; F);Fly Honeysuckle;
Lunaria annua (00;F, 99; S + 98);Honesty;E
Lunaria rediviva (00;F, 99; F);Perennial Honesty;
Lupinus nootkatensis (98; F);Blue Lupin;E?
Luzula sylvatica ‘Ken Aslett’ (00;F, 98; F);Greater Wood Rush;
Lychnis alpina (00;S, 98; M);Alpine Lychnis; Collected: Mid-Norway;
Lychnis cucubalis (98; F);;
Lychnis flos-cuculi (98; S);Ragged Robin;B
Lychnis fulgens (00;F, 99; S);;E,B
Lycium chinense (99;F)*;Chinese Marimony Vine/Chinese Boxthorn;E ,FU,C,T
Lycopus europaeus(99; F);Gipsywort;E?, D
Lysimachia clethroides (98; F) ;Gooseneck Loosestrife;E?,F?,CO?
Lysimachia minoricensis (99;F);;
Lysimachia nemorum (99; F);Yellow Pimpernel;
Lythrum salicaria (00;F, 99+98; F);Purple Loosestrife;E,D,S
Madia elegans (99;F, 98; F) *;Common Madia;E
Madia sativa (00;F,99;F, 98;F);Chile Tarweed;E,O
Mahonia aquifolium (99; F + 98);Oregon Grape;E,F,D
Maianthemum stellatum (99;F);Star-flowered Lily of the Valley;E,FU
Malus sylvestris (99;F);Crab Apple;FU,O,T,D,PE
Malva alcea “Fastigate” (99;F);Hollyhock Mallow;E,F,R,D,O
Malva moschata ‘pink’ (00;S, 98; S);Musk Mallow;E,F,D,R
Malva moschata ‘white’ (99; M + 98);Musk Mallow;E,F,D,R
Malva parviflora (98; F)*;Cheeseweed;E,O,D
Malva pusilla (98; F)*;Dwarf Mallow;E,D,R,TO
Malva sylvestris (00;S);Common Mallow;E,F,D,T,R
Malva sylvestris “Braveheart” (99; F + 98)*;Common Mallow;E,F,T,D,R
Malva sylvestris zebrina (00;F, 99; F + 98)*;Common Mallow;E,F,T,D,R
Malva verticillata (00;F);Chinese Mallow;E,D
Malva verticillata var. verticillata (99; F + 98)*;Chinese Mallow;E,D
Marrubium vulgare (99;F);Horehound;E,T,NA,O,P
Meconopsis betonicifolia (99; M + 98);Himalayan Blue Poppy;O
Meconopsis betonicifolia ‘baileyii’ (98; S);Himalayan Blue Poppy;O
Meconopsis grandis (00;S);;O?
Meconopsis nepaulensis (00;F)*;;
Meconopsis x sheldonii (00;S);;
Medicago sativa (99; F);Alfalfa; Lucerne;E, T?, O
Melilotus alba (99; S);White Melilot;E,F,O
Melilotus officinalis (99;S);Melilot;E?,F,P
Mentha cervina (99;F)*;Hart’s Pennyroyal;T,O
Mentha pulegium (98; F )*;Pennyroyal;E,T,O,P,FR,B
Menyanthes trifoliata (99; S) ;Bogbean; Collected: Malvik, Norway ;E,A
Meum athamanticum (00;F, 99; M);Spignel Meu;E,CO
Micromeria dalmatica (99; F);;E?
Milium effusum aurea (00;F, 98;S);Wood Millet;E,R
Mimosa spp. (99;F);;
Mimulus guttatus (00;F, 99; F);Yellow Monkey Flower;E
Miscanthus sinensis ‘mitsu’ (99;F)*;Eulalia/Porcupine Grass;E
Mitella dentata (99;F) OUT;;
Mitella diphylla (99;F);Mitrewort;
Monarda ‘Comanche’ (98; F);;E,T
Monarda ‘Fishes’ (98;S);;E,T
Monarda “Marshall’s Delight” (99;F);;E,T
Monarda “Scorpion” (99;F);;E,T
Monarda “Violet Queen” (99;F);;E,T
Monarda austromontana (99;F);;E,T
Monarda bradburiana (99;F);;E,T
Monarda citriodora (98; F);Lemon Bergamot;E,T,O
Monarda clinopodia (99;F);White basil-balm;T
Monarda didyma (98; S );Bergamot;E,FR,O,S,T
Monarda didyma “Alba” (99;S);Bergamot;E,FR,O,S,T
Monarda didyma “Purple” (99;F);Bergamot;E,FR,O,S,T
Monarda didyma “Scarlet” (99;F) **;Bergamot;E,FR,O,S,T
1. Monarda fistulosa (99; F)
;Wild Bergamot;E,F,T,P
Monarda media (99;F);;E,T
Monardella odoratissima (98; F) *;Mountain Pennyroyal;T
Montia sibirica (00;F, 99; F);Pink Purslane;E
Morina longifolia (98; F);Whorlflower;I,O
Morinda citrifolia (99;S);Indian Mulberry / Noni;E,FU
Mycelis muralis (99; S);Wall Lettuce;E
Myrica cerifera (99;F);Wax Myrtle;CO,FU,T,PA
Myrrhis odorata (00;M);Sweet Cicely;E,T,PA
Nemophila maculata (99; S );Fivespot;
Nepeta cataria (00;S, 98; F);Catmint;E,T,P
Nepeta cataria ‘Citrata’ (99; F + 98);Lemon Catmint;E,T,P
Nepeta dirphya (98; F);Greek Catmint;?
Nepeta govaniana (00; F);;?
Nepeta mussinii (00;S)*;;?
Nepeta parnassica (00;F, 98; F);;?
Nepeta racemosa (99; F + 98);;?
Nepeta sibirica (98; F);;?
Nepeta subsesselis (99; S + 98);;?
Neslia paniculata (99; F)*;Ball mustard;?
Nicotiana ‘Little Nicky’ (98;F);Ornamental Tobacco;P
Nicotiana alata (98; S);;P
Nigella ciliaris “Pinwheel” (99;F)*;;?
Nigella damascena (99;F; 98;F)*;Love-in-a-mist;E,O,S
Nigella damascena “Mulberry Rose” (99;F)*;Love-in-a-mist;E,O,S
Nigella orientalis “Transformer” (99;F)*;Yellow Fennel Flower;CO
Nigella sativa (99;F)*;Black Cumin;E,O,P,CO
Nigella sativa ‘Persian Jewels’ (98; S)*;Black Cumin;E,O,P,CO
Nothofagus alpina (99;F)*;;
Nothofagus obliqua (99;F)*;Roble;
Ocimum viride (98; F);;E,CO?
Oenothera biennis (99; M)*;Common Evening Primrose;E,F,O,D
Oenothera odorata “Sulphurea” (99;F);;E
Oenothera spp.;Collected Venice, Italy;E?
Opopanax chironium (99;F) OUT;Opopanax;GU,S
Opuntia ficus-barbarus(98; F) OUT;Prickly Pear; Collected: Cefallonia, Greece;E,F,GU,PA
Opuntia humifusa (99;F);Indian Fig;E,FU,GU, PA
Origanum ‘Showy’ (99; F);;E,CO
Origanum acutidens (99; F);;E,CO?
Origanum heracleoticum (98; S);Winter Marjoram;E,T,CO
Origanum laevigatum ‘Herrenhausen’ (98; S);;E,CO?
Origanum onites (99; F + 98);Pot Marjoram;E,T,O,S,FR,P,CO
Origanum virens (98; F);;E,CO
Origanum vulgare (00;F, 98; F);Wild Marjoram; Norwegian origin;E,T,O,S,D,P, CO
Origanum vulgare (98; F);Collected, Hampshire, England;E,T,O,S,D,P, CO
Orixa japonica (99;F) OUT;Ch’Ang Shan ;E
Ornithogalum pyrenaicum(00;F, 98; F) ;Bath Asparagus;E
Osmorhiza claytonii (99;F) ;Woolly Sweet -cicely;E,CO
Oxalis carnosa (00;F)*;;
Oxalis corniculata? (99; S);Yellow Oxalis originally collected from woodland on Oahu, Hawaii.
Thrives in mid-Norway!;E,F,D
Oxalis spp. (99;F);Red-leaved;E?
Oxydendrum arboreum (99;F);Sorrel Tree;E
Oxyria digynia (00;S, 98; S);Mountain Sorrel, Collected Beitostølen, Norway;E
Paeonia anomala (99;F);;E
Paeonia obovata (99;F);;
Paeonia spp. (00;F, 99; F);;E?
Pancratium maritimum (99;F) OUT;Sea Daffodil;E?, R
Papaver “Black Beauty Peonaeflorum” (99;S)*;;E
Papaver “Clown Face” (99;S)*;;E
Papaver “Danebrog Lace”* (99;S);;E
Papaver “Lavender Single” (00;S, 00;F);;E
Papaver “White peonaeflorum” (99;S);;E
Papaver lapponicum (00;F, 99;F);;
Papaver nudicaule ? (00;S);;
Papaver pilosum (99; M);;
Papaver radicatum (98; M + 97);Arctic Poppy;
Papaver rhoeas (99; M + 98);Field Poppy;E,O,D,FR, SU
Papaver rhoeas “Angel’s Choir” (99;S)*;;E
Papaver (99;S);Single purple centre w/red outer petals;E
Paris quadrifolia (99; F + 98) OUT;Herb Paris; Collected Malvik, Norway;D
Parthenium integrifolium (99;S);Wild Quinine;
Parthenocissus tricuspidata (99;F);Boston Ivy;SU
Passiflora caerulea (98; S);Passion Flower;FU,SU
Passiflora incarnata (99;F; 98;S) OUT;Maypops;E,FU,F
Patrinia triloba (98; F) OUT;;E
Patrinia villosa (98;S);Otokoeshi;E
Penstemon alpinus (00;S, 98; S);;
Penstemon confertus (99;F);Yellow Penstemon;T,D
Penstemon davidsonii (98; F) ;Davidson’s Penstemon;
Penstemon hirsutus ‘pygmaeus’ (98; S);;
Penstemon procerus (99;F);Small-flowered Penstemon;T
Penstemon procerus “Pink Form” (99;F);Small-flowered Penstemon;T
Penstemon procerus tolmiei (99;F);Small-flowered Penstemon;T
Peperomia pellucida (98; S) *;Greenhouse Tea Plant;E,T
Perganum harmala (98;F);Syrian Rue;
Perilla frutescens (99;F);Perilla;E,F,O
Petroselinum crispum (98; F) ;Parsley (Italian Flatleaf);E,D,T,O,P,S
Petroselinum crispum (98; F)* ;Parsley (Moss Curled);E,D,T,O,P,S
Peucedanum ostruthium (00;S);Masterwort;E,A
Peumus boldus (98; F) ;Boldo; Source : Chile;FU,CO,TA,O,P
Phacelia tanacetifolia (98;F);Fiddleneck;
Phalaris canariensis (98; M);Canary Grass;E
Philadelphus lewisii (99;F);Mock Orange;B,R
Phlomis cashmeriana (99;F);;
Photinia villosa (99;F);Oriental Photinia;E,FU
Physalis ixocarpa (99;F)*;Tomatillo;FU
Physalis minima (98; F)*;Sunberry;E,FU
Physalis peruviana (99;F)*;Goldenberry;E,FU
Phyteuma betonicifolia (00;S, 99; F);Betony-leaved Rampion;
Phyteuma hemisphaericum (99;F);Globe-headed Rampion;
Phyteuma humile (00;S, 99; S) ;Dwarf Rampion;
Phyteuma orbiculare (99;F);Round-headed Rampion;E
Phyteuma scheuchzeri (99;S);Horned Rampion;
Phyteuma spicata (00;F);Spiked Rampion;E
Phytolacca americana (00;F, 99;M);Poke Pokeweed;E, FU?,D,B,P
Phytolacca octandra (99; F);Inkweed;D
Phytolacca pruinosa (00;F);;
Picea abies (98; F);Norway Spruce; Collected: Malvik, Norway;E,O,T,PA,TA
Pimpinella saxifraga (98; S);Burnet Saxifrage;E,CO,A,O
Pistacia lentiscus (99;F);Mastic Tree;O,TO,CO,PA,S,G,TA
Plantago asiatica “variegata” (00;F, 99;F);Che Qian Zi;E
Plantago camtschatica (00;F, 99;F);;E
Plantago coronopus (98; S);Buckshorn Plantain;E
Plantago coronopus ‘giant’ (00;S, 98; S);Buckshorn Plantain ;E
Plantago major (99; M);Greater Plantain; Collected Malvik, Norway;E,T
Plantago major ‘Atropurpurea’ (00;S, 99; S);Greater Plantain;E,T
Plantago major ‘Rosularis’ (99; F + 98);Greater Plantain;E,T
Plantago maritima (98; F) ;Collected Malvik, Norway;E
Plantago psyllium (99; F + 98)* ;Fleawort;E,P,GU
Plantago sempervirens (99;F)*;;
Platycodon grandis var. mariesii (99;F)*;;E
Platycodon grandis “Roseum” (99;F) OUT;Balloon Flower;E
Podocarpus macrophyllus (98; F);Kusamaki;FU
Podocarpus signa (99;F);;
Pogostemon cablin (00;F)*;Patchouli;E,CO,T
Polemonium caeruleum (98; F);Jacob’s Ladder. Collected Mid-Norway;
Polemonium caeruleum album (98; S);Jacob’s Ladder;
Polemonium pauciflorum (00;S, 99; M);;
Polemonium reptans (00; F) ;Abscess Root;S
Polygonatum canaliculatum (99;F)* OUT;King’s Solomon’s Seal;E,I
Polygonum aviculare (00;F);Knotweed;E,T,D,TA
Polygonum bistorta (00;F);Bistort;E,TA
Polygonum filiforme (99;F);Jumpseed;E
Polygonum orientale (99;F)*;Prince’s Feather;E
Polygonum persicaria (00;F, 99; M)* ;Lady’s Thumb; Red Leg;E,D
Polygonum viviparum (00;F);Alpine Bistort (roots);E
Polypodium vulgare (00;M);Polypody;E
Polystichum aculeatum (99;S);Hard Shield Fern;E?
Polystichum munitum (98; S);Giant Holly Fern;E,R,S
Poncirus trifoliata (00;F);Bitter Orange;E,FU
Poncirus trifoliata “Flying Dragon” (99;F);Bitter Orange;E,FU
Porophyllum ruderale (99;F, 98; F) *;Quilquina;E
Portulaca erecta (98; F)*;Erect Portulaca;E
Portulaca oleracea (98;F)*;Green Purslane;E
Potentilla recta (00;F, 98; S);Rough-fruited Cinquefoil;FU
Primula amoena (99;F);;
Primula capitata ssp. mooreana (99;F) OUT;;
Primula edgeworthii (99;F);;
Primula elatior (00;S, 99; S) ;Oxlip;E
Primula incana (99;F);;
Primula juliae (98; F) OUT;;
Primula laurentiana(99;F) OUT;;
Primula luteola (99;F);;
Primula mistassinica ssp. macropoda (00;F) ;;
Primula pamirica (99;F);;
Primula polyneura (00;F);;
Primula pulverulenta (98; S);;
Primula sieboldii (99;F) ;Sakura-So ;E
Primula veris (00;S, 98; M);Cowslip;E,T, F,A
Proboscidea louisianica (99;F)*;Unicorn Plant;E,FU,O,D,R
Proboscidea parviflora (00;F)*;Devil’s Claw;?
Prunus avium (98; F);Wild Cherry;FU,GU,D,TA
Prunus mahaleb (98; F);Mahaleb Cherry;E?,FU?, D
Prunus pumila ‘Depressa’ (00;F, 99; F + 98);Sand Cherry;E,D
Prunus spinosa (00;F);Sloe;E,FU,T,F,TA,D
Prunus tomentosa (98; F);Nanking Cherry;E?,FU,D
Ptelea trifoliata (99;F);Hop Tree;FU,A
Pulmonaria rubra (00;F, 99; F);;
Pulsatilla alpina (98; F) ;Alpine Pasque Flower;
Pulsatilla alpina ssp. apiifolia (00;S, 99; F ) ;Alpine Pasque Flower;
Pulsatilla cernua (99;F) OUT;;E?
Pulsatilla patens (98; F);Eastern Pasque Flower;D
Pulsatilla takewakii (99;F);;
Pulsatilla vulgaris “alba” (98; F);Common Pasque Flower;
Pulsatilla vulgaris “rubra” (00;F, 99; F + 98);Common Pasque Flower;D
Pulsatilla zimmermanii (99;F) OUT;;
Puya chilensis (99;F);;E,R,GU
Pycnanthemum incanum (98; S);Hoary Mountain Mint;T
Pycnanthemum virginicum (99;F, 98; M);Virginia Mountain Mint;E,T
Pyrus communis (98; F);Wild Pear;FU,D
Pyrus ussuriensis (98; F);;FU
Quillaja saponaria (98; F);Soap Bark Tree; Source : Chile;B,S
Ramonda serbica (99;F)* OUT;;
Ranunculus amplexicaulis (00;S, 99; S + 98);Amplexicaule Buttercup;
Ranunculus auricomus (00;F);Goldilocks Buttercup;
Ranunculus pyrenaeus (98; F)*;Pyrenean Buttercup;
Raoulia australis ‘lusetetiana’ (99; S + 98);;
Ratibida columnaris pulchella(99;F) ;Prairie Coneflower ;T
Ratibida pinnata (99;F);;
Reseda lutea (99;F);Wild Mignonette;E
Reseda luteola (99; F + 98);Weld;O,D
Rhexia virginica (99;F);Deer Grass;E,NA
Rhus typhina (99;M);Stag’s Horn Sumac;FU,TA,D,O
Ribes cereum (99;F);Wax Currant;E,FU,F
Ribes latifolium (99;F);;FU
Ribes sachalinensis (99;F);;FU
Ricinus communis ‘Bronze’(98; F);Castor Oil Plant;O,R,P
Ridolfia segetum (98; S);False Caraway;CO
Rivea corymbosa (99;F)*;Ololioqui;
Romanzoffia unalaschensis (00;F);Alaska Mistmaiden;E
Rosa moyesii (99; F);Moyes Rose;FU
Rosa pimpinellifolia (00;F, 99; F + 98);Burnet Rose;FU,T
Rubus arcticus x (98; F);Cultivated Arctic Bramble;E,F,T,D
Rubus chamaemorus (00;S);Cloudberry, Collected Sylane, Norway;E,T,D
Rubus chamaemorus (99 ; S + 98);Cloudberry; Collected Malvik, Norway;E,T,D
Rubus idaeus (98; F);Wild Raspberry Collected Malvik, Norway;E,T,D,R
Rubus occidentalis (00;S, 99; F + 98);Black Raspberry;E,T,D
Rubus odoratus (98; S);Thimbleberry;FU, D
Rubus phoenicolasius (99; F);Japanese Wineberry;E,D
Rubus saxatilis (00;F);Stone Bramble;E,D
Rubus spectabilis (00;F);Salmonberry;E,FU,F,T,D
Rumex acetosa ‘Broad Leaved’ (98; S);Sorrel;E,F,D
Rumex aquaticus (98;S );Red Dock;E,D,S
Rumex patientia (97; S)* OUT;Patience Dock;E,D
Rumex pseudonatronatus (99; M)*;;E
Rumex sanguineus (00;S, 99; M);Wood Dock;E,D
Rumex sanguineus var. sanguineus (99; M);Bloody Dock;E,D
Rumex scutatus (00;F, 99; S + 98);Buckler Leaved Sorrel;E,D
Salmea spp. (99; S) ;Pallito de Chile;
Salvia hians (00;S)?;;
Salvia hispanica (98; S)*;Mexican Chia;E,NA
Salvia lyrata (99;F + 98 );Cancer Weed;
Salvia moorcroftiana (98; F);Moorcroft’s Salvia;E
Salvia pratensis (98 + 99; S);Meadow Clary;A, E?
Salvia sclarea (98; S);Clary Sage;E,A,O,S
Salvia sclarea alba (98; S) *;Clary Sage;E,A,O,S
Salvia sclarea var. turkestanica (99; F + 98);Clary Sage;E,A,O,S
Salvia tilaefolia (98; S);Tarahumara Chia;NA,P
Salvia tomentosa (98; F) *;Balsamic Sage;CO,T
Salvia verticillata (98 + 99; M);Whorled Clary;
Sambucus caerulea (98;F);;
Sambucus callicarpa (99;F);Red Coast Elder;FU,F
Sambucus canadensis (99;F);American Elder;FU,F,T,P,D
Sambucus coreana (99;F);;FU,F,P
Sambucus latipinna (99;F);;E?
Sambucus nigra (99; F) ;Elder (hardy less frost tender variety);F,FU, A, T, D,P,S
Sambucus pubens (99;F);American Red Elder;FU,F,T
Sambucus racemosa (99; S);Red-berried Elder (cut-leaved variety found growing wild: Malvik,
Norway);FU,F, P
Sambucus racemosa (99;F);Red Elder;FU?,F,P
Sambucus racemosa “Aurea” (99;F);Red Elder;FU?,F,P
Sambucus racemosa “Laciniata” (99;F);Red Elder;FU?,F,P
Sambucus sakhalinensis (99;F, 98; F);;E?
Sambucus tigranii (99;F);;E?
Sanguisorba canadensis (98; F);American Great Burnet;E
Sanguisorba hakusanensis (99; S);;E
Sanguisorba menziesii (98; F);Menzies’ Burnet;E
Sanguisorba minor (00; S);Salad Burnet;E,T
Sanguisorba officinalis (98 + 99; S);Greater Burnet;E,T
Sanicula europaea (98 + 99; F);Wood Sanicle;E
Saponaria ocymoides (00;F);Rock Soapwort;B
Saponaria pumilio (99;F) ;Dwarf Soapwort;
Satureja hortensis (99;F)*;Summer Savory;E,CO,T,O,P
Satureja montana (98; F);Winter Savory;E,T,P,O
Saururus cernuus (99;F)*;Swamp Lily;
Saussaurea alpina (98; F);Alpine Saussurea;
Saxifraga aizoides (99;F) OUT;Yellow Mountain Saxifrage;
Saxifraga androsacea (99;F) OUT;Scree Saxifrage;
Saxifraga arendsii “Peter Pan” (00;F);;
Saxifraga caniculata (99;F);;
Saxifraga crustata (99;F);Encrusted Saxifrage;
Saxifraga ferdinand-cobourgi (99;F);;
Saxifraga geranioides (99;F);Geranium-like Saxifrage;
Saxifraga juniperifolia (99;F);;
Saxifraga kolenatiana (98; F);;
Saxifraga oppositifolia (99; F) OUT ;Purple Saxifrage; Collected: Malvik, Norway;
Saxifraga osloensis ( 98; F);;
Saxifraga pensylvanica (99;F) ;Swamp Saxifrage;E
Saxifraga rotundifolia (98; F) OUT;Round-leaved Saxifrage;
Saxifraga umbrosa (98; F);Wood Saxifrage;
Saxifraga veitchiana (99;F);;
Scabiosa columbaria (98; F)*;Small Scabious;E?
Scabiosa japonica (00;S) ;;E
Scandix balansae (99;f, 98;F);;
Scandix pecten-veneris (00;F, 99; F);Shepherd’s Needle;E
Scandix stellatum (00;F);;
Schinus molle (00;F)*;Californian Pepper Tree;CO,O,NA,A,GU,O
Schizonepeta kocamica (99;F)*;;
Schizonepeta tenuifolia (98;F);Jing Jie;
Scilla hispanica (98; F);;
Scilla sibirica ‘alba’ (98; F);Spring Beauty;
Scilla verna (00;F);Spring Squill;
Scirpus sylvaticus (98; F);Wood Club-rush;
Scrophularia auriculata (99;S);Water Figwort;
Scrophularia peregrina (99; F) ;Nettle leaved Figwort ( Wild origin; Cefallonia, Greece);
Scutellaria alpina (00;F);Alpine Skullcap;
Securinega suffruticosa (99;F);;E,FU
Sedum anacampseros (98; F);Restorer;E
Sedum eversii (99;F);;
Sedum kamtschaticum (99; S)??;Probably this species;E
Sedum kamtschaticum v. middendorfianum (99;F);Orange Stonecrop;E
Sedum spathulifolium (98; F) ;Broadleaf Stonecrop;E
Sedum spurium “Dragon’s Blood” (99;F);Caucasean Stonecrop;E
Sempervivum arachnoideum (99;F);Cobweb Houseleek;
Sempervivum tectorum ssp. alpinum (99;F);Houseleek;E
Serratula tinctoria (00;F, 98+99; S);Sawwort;D,E
Seseli gummiferum (99;F);;GU
Seseli libanotis (99;F);Moon Carrot;E
Seseli montanum (99;F);;
Seseli rhodopaeum (99;F);;
Sida rhombifolia (99;F)*;Tea Weed;E,T
Sideritis glacialis (99;F);;
Sideritis scordioides (99; F);;
Sideritis syriaca (99; F, 98;F);Greek Mountain Tea;T
Silene uralensis ssp. apetala (98; F);;
Silene vulgaris (99; S)*;Bladder Campion;E?, B
Silphium laciniatum (99;F);Rosin Weed/Compass Plant;GU
Silphium perfoliatum (99;F);Cup Plant;
Silphium terebinthinaceum (99;F, 98; F);Prairie Dock;GU
Silybum marianum (98;F + 99; F)*;Blessed Thistle;E,O,C,F
Sinapis arvensis (98;F);Charlock;E,F,O,B
Sinarundinaria murielae (99; S);Umbrella Bamboo;
Sisymbrium irio (99; F)+*;London Rocket;E,F
Sisymbrium officinale (00,F);;Hedge Mustard;E,CO
Sisyrinchium albidum (98; S) ;;
Sisyrinchium brachypus (00;S)*;;
Sisyrinchium californicum (99;F);California Bayberry;FU,D,O
Sisyrinchium idahoense (98; S);;E,FU
Sisyrinchium angustifolium album ( 00; S)*;Blue-eyed grass;E
Smilacina racemosa (99;S) *;False Solomon’s Seal/ False Spikenard ;FU
Smilax hispida (99;F);Hag Briar;E
Smilax rotundifolia (99;F);Horse Briar;E,A
Smilax sieboldiana (99;F);;E
Solanum burbankii (99;F)*;Garden Huckleberry/Sunberry;FU
Solanum dulcamara (00;F);Bittersweet; Wild Collected, Hampshire, England;
Solenostemon scutellarioides (98; F);Coleus Rainbow Mix;E,T,D,O
Solidago canadensis (98; S);Canadian Goldenrod;E,GU, RU
Solidago graminifolia (99;F);Sweet Goldenrod;T,D
Solidago odora (99;F);Sweet Goldenrod;E,T,F,D,S
Sonchus oleraceus (98;F);Common Sow-Thistle;E,T,C,
Sorbus aucuparia (00;F, 98; S);Rowan;
Spilanthes acmella (99; F + 98) *;Alphabet Plant;
Stachys affinis;Chinese Artichoke (tubers);E
Stachys officinalis (00;F, 99, F);Betony;T,D
Stachys recta (97; F)*;;
Stachytarpheta indica (00;F, 98; F);BastardVervain/ Blue Porterweed;T,CO,A
Styrax japonica (98; S);;FU,O
Symphoricarpos albus var. laevigatus (99;F);Snowberry;FU, B, S
Synthyris stellata (00;F)*;;
Tanacetum coccineum ( 98; F);Pyrethum;P
Tanacetum demetrii (00;S, 99;S);;
Tanacetum parthenium (00;S);Feverfew;E,F,T,S, P
Tanacetum parthenium ‘Double’ (98; F);Double Feverfew;E,F,T,S, P
Tanacetum parthenium “Selma Star” (99;F)*;;E,F,T,D,P
Tanacetum vulgare (99; S;98, F);Tansy;E,CO,F,T,D,O,P
Taraxacum kok-saghyz (99;F);Rubber Dandelion;E,RU
Taraxacum officinale (99;F);Pissenlit (French cultivated Dandelion);E,F,A,C,T,RU,D
Taraxacum pamiricum (99;F);;E?
Taraxacum spp. (00;S);Orig. Wild Collected Yosemite USA;E?
Taxus cuspidata (98; F);Japanese Yew ;FU,D
Taxusxmedia ‘Hicksii’ (99; F);Hicks Yew;FU?
Teucrium chamaedrys (00;F);Wall Germander;A,O
Teucrium flavum (99;F);;
Teucrium hircanicum (00;F, 98; S);;
Teucrium scorodonia (00;F, 99; F);Wood Sage;A
Teucrium webbianum (99; F);;
Thermopsis lanceolata (99;F);Siberian Lupin;E?
Thlaspi arvense ( 99; M) *;Field Pennycress;E,O
Thlaspi stylosum (99;F);Apennean Pennycress;
Thymus nummularius (99; S) ;;E?
Thymus praecox ssp. arcticus (98; F);Wild Norwegian Thyme;E,O,S
Thymus sibthorpii (00;F, 99; F);;E?
Thymus vulgaris (99; S);Thyme;E,T,O,S,FN,P
Thymus x citriodorus “Bertram Anderson” (99;F) ;;E?
Tigridia pavonia (00;F)* ;Tiger Flower;E
Tilia amurensis (98; F);;E,R,CH
Tilia platyphyllos (98; F);Large-leaved lime;E,T,CH,NA,R
Tilia tomentosa (98; F);Silver lime;E,T,CH
Trachycarpus fortunei (99;S);Chusan Palm;E,F,R
Trachyspermum ammi (98; S)*;Ajwain;E,O
Tradescantia andersoniana gr. (mix) (99;F);Peacock Flower;E?
Tragopogon crocifolius (00;F, 98;F);;
Tragopogon dubius (97;F)*;Yellow Salsify;E
Tragopogon pratensis (99; S );Jack-Go-To-Bed-By-Noon;E,F
Tricytris hirta (99;F);Toad Lily;E
Tricytris shirohotogisu (00;F)*;;
Trientalis europaea (00;F);Chickweed Wintergreen;
Trifolium incarnatum (98;F);Crimson Clover;E,T
Trifolium rubens (99;F);;
Trigonella cretica (99;F)*;;
Tripterygium regellii (99;F);;
Triteleia hyacinthina (99;F);Hyacinth Brodiaea;E
Triteleia laxa (99;F);Grassnut;E
Tropaeolum majus (98;F);Nasturtium;E,F,O,PA,P
Tulipa dasystemon (98; S);;
Tulipa tarda (00;S);;
Umbilicus rupestris (00; F);Navelwort; Collected: Cefallonia, Greece;E
Umbilicus rupestris (99; M)*;Navelwort; Collected: Cefallonia, Greece;E
Urtica dioica (98; S) ;Nettle;E,T,A,R,O
Urtica pilulifera (99; S)*;Roman Nettle; Collected: Cefallonia, Greece;NA,E, R,O,D,S
Urtica pilulifera (99; S)*;Roman Nettle;E
Uvularia grandiflora (99;F);Fairybells;
Vaccaria hispanica (00;F, 99;F);Bilberry; Collected Beitostølen, Norway;E,T,D
Vaccinium myrtillus (98; S);Bilberry;E,F,T,D
Vaccinium ovatum (99; S)* ;Black or Evergreen Huckleberry;FU,T
Vaccinium parviflorum ( 99; F)*;Red Huckleberry/ Red Bilberry;FU
Vaccinium parvifolium (99;S);Red Bilberry;FU,T
Vaccinium vitis-idaea (00;F);Cowberry; Collected Malvik, Norway;
Vaccinium vitis-idaea (98; F);Cowberry; Collected Beitostølen, Norway;FU,T
Valeriana officinalis ‘repens’ (98; M);Common Valerian;O,T,S
Valeriana sambucifolia (98; S);;O,T,S
Veratrum album (99;F);White Hellebore;P
Veratrum lobelii (99;F);;
Veratrum nigrum (99;F);Black Hellebore;P
Verbascum phoeniceum (00;S, 99; S + 98);Purple Mullein;
Verbascum thapsus (99; M);Great Mullein;T,D,P,TI
Veronica beccabunga (00;F, 99; F + 98);Brooklime;E
Veronica fruticans (00;F, 99; S + 98);Rock Speedwell;
Veronica satureioides (99;F);;
Veronica spicata (00;F, 98);Spiked Speedwell;
Veronicastrum viginicum (99;F);Beaumont’s Root;
Viburnum alnifolium (99;F);Seven Barks;E,T
Viburnum dentatum deamii (98;F)*;Arrow-wood;FU
Viburnum furcatum (99;F);;FU
Viburnum opulus (98; F);Guelder Rose;E?,D
Viburnum sieboldii (98;F)*;Siebold’s Arrow-wood;FU
Viburnum trilobum (99;S);American Cranberry;FU
Vicia sativa “Kaban” (00;F);Winter Tares;E
Vincetoxicum hirundinaria (99;F);Swallow-wort;
Viola cornuta “Perfection” (00;F);Horned Violet;E,F,T
Viola cornuta alba (00;F)*;Horned Violet;E,F,T
Viola jooi (99;F);;E?
Viola labradorica (00;F);Labrador Violet;E,F,T
Viola langsdorfii (99;F) OUT;Alaska Violet;E,F,T
Viola mirabilis (00;F) OUT;Wonder Violet;E,F,T
Viola nigra (00;F, 99;F, 98; F);;E?
Vitex negundo heterophylla (99;F);Huang Ping;CO,T
Vitis riparia (99;F);Riverside Grape;E,FU,T,D
Weinmannia trichosperma (99;F) OUT;;
Withania somnifera (98; S) *;Ashwagandha;P,B,CU
Wulfenia carinthiaca (00;F);Wulfenia;
Yucca glauca (99;F)*;Yucca/Soapweed;E?
Yucca spp. (99; S);;E,R,B
Zanthoxylum americanum?;Prickly Ash (Prob. this species);CO,S
Zephyranthes atamasco (98; F);Atamasco Lily;E?
Zizia aurea (99;F);Golden Alexanders;F
Zizyphus jujuba (99;F);Chinese Date;FU

Amaranthus cruenthus (95;S);Paiute;E,D
Amaranthus spp. (98; F);Bahjee Indian Cabbage;E
American Land Cress ;;E
Asparagus Kale ;;E
Asparagus Pea (99;S);Lotus tetraganolobus;E
Beetroot “Dobbie’s Purple” (99;F);;E
Beetroot “Forono” (99;F);;E
Bitter Gourd (98;F);Momordica;E
Broad Bean “The Sutton”;Vicia faba;E
Burdock “Takinogawa” (99;F);;E
Cabbage Early Copenhagen (97; S);;E
Cabbage Early Golden Acre (96; S);;E
Cajanus cajan (98; F)*;;E
Calabrese “Green Sprouting”;;E
Calabrese “Romanesco”;;E
Calabrese “Tiara F1”;;E
Cardoon (98; S) *;Cynara cardunculus;E
Carrot “Autumn King” (99;S);;E
Carrot “Nantes Duke” (98;S);Early ;E
Celeriac “Balder”*;;E
Celery “Greenleaf” (99;F)*;;E
Celery “Solid White”*;;E
Celtuce (98; F)*;;E
Chenopodium quinoa ‘Dave’ (99; S)*;Quinoa (Earliest variety);E,D
Chenopodium quinoa ‘Kaslala’ (99; S)*;;E,D
Chenopodium quinoa “Temuco” (99; F + 98);;E
Chicory “Catlaogna” (98;F);;E
Chicory “Rossa de Verona”;;E
Chile “Aji de Casa” (99;F);Ancient variety;E
Chili “Czechoslovakian Black” (99; F +98)*;;E
Chinese Cabbage (Wong Bok) “Michihili”;;E
Chrysanthemum ‘Chopsuey Greens” (98; F)*;;E
Collards “Georgia Southern”;;E
Collards “Vates Non-heading”;;E
Corn “Hopi Black” (98?; F)*;;E
Corn “Mandan Red Sweet”;;E
Corn “Ornamental Red Strawberry (Midget)” (97; F)*;;E
Cress (99;F)*;;E
Cucumber Mrs. Boothby’s Blond (99; S);;E
Cyclanthera explodens (98; F);;E
Cyclanthera pedanta (98;F)*;Achocha;E
Cyphomandra casana (98; F)*;;FU
Endive “Batavian” (98;F);;E
Field Bean “Punch” (99;F);Vicia faba;E
French Bean “Arranesco” (98;F);Phaseolus vulgaris;E
French Bean “Brown Soldier” (99;F, 98;F);Phaseolus vulgaris;E
French Bean “Caseknife” (99;F, 98;F);Phaseolus vulgaris; climber;E
French Bean “Cherokee Trail of Tears”;Phaseolus vulgaris; climber;E
French Bean “Purple Queen” (98;F);Phaseolus vulgaris;E
French Bean “Provider” (99;F);Phaseolus vulgaris;E
French Bean “Red Provider” (99;F);Phaseolus vulgaris;E
French Bean “Six Nations” (00;F, 99,F);Phaseolus vulgaris;E
French Bean “Trout’s Black & White” (00;F; 99;F);Phaseolus vulgaris;E
Hyacinth Bean (98; F) *;Lablab purpureus;E
Japanese Burdock (00;S, 98; S) ;Arctium lappa;E
Kale “Pentland Brig” ;;E
Kale “Ragged Jack”;;E
Kale “Russian” or “Hungry Gap”;;E
Kale “Tall Green Curled”;;E
Kohlrabi “Purple Vienna”;;E
Kohlrabi “White Vienna”;;E
Kumquat (98; F) OUT;;E
Leek “St. Victor”;;E
Lettuce “American Cut-and-come-again” (99;F);;E
Lettuce “Bijou” (99;F);;E
Lettuce “Brown Goldring” (98;F);;E
Lettuce “Gourmet Salad Blend” (98;F);;E
Lettuce “Gulddrottningen” (99;F);;E
Lettuce “Iceberg” (97;F) ;;E
Lettuce “Little Gem” (99;F);;E
Lettuce “Tom Thumb” (99;F);;E
Lettuce “Winter Density” ;;E
Litchi Tomato (98; F);;E
Lupinus mutabilis (99;F) *;Pearl Lupin; Tarwi; Source: Peru;E
Lupinus mutabilis (99;F) *;Pearl Lupin; Tarwi; Source: Slovakia;E
Lycopersicon humboldtii (98; F);Yellow;E
Lycopersicon humboldtii (99; F + 98; F)*;Red;E
Lycopersicon lycopersicon ssp. racemiflorum (98; F);;E
Madeira Vine;Anredera cordifolia;E
Mizuna (Japanese Greens);;E
Mustard “Cherokee Blue”;;E
Mustard “Florida Broadleaf” (97; F)*;;E
Mustard “Tender Green” (97; F);;E
New Zealand Spinach (99;F);;E
Onion “White Lisbon Winter Hardy” (99;F)*;;E
Pak Choi (99;F)*;;E
Parsnip (00; S)*;Pastinaca sativa;E
Pea “Carlin Pea”;;E
Pea “Commander” (99;F)*;;E
Pea “Epicure” (99;F)*;;E
Pea “Hurst Green Shaft”* (00;F);;E
Pea “Oregon Sugar Pod”*;Mangetout;E
Pea “Purple Podded” (00;F, 99;F)*;;E
Pea “Ringeriks”* (00;F, 99;F)*;Old Norwegian drying pea;E
Pea “Sugar Snap”*;Mangetout;E
Pea Bean “Climbing French” (96;F) ;;E
Pepper “Beli Kalvil” (99;F)*;;E
Phaseolus acutifolius “Brown” (98; F)*;;E
Pole Bean “Kentucky Blue” (98;F);;E
Radish (Daikon) Long White;;E
Radish “Cherry Belle”;;E
Radish “Early Scarlet Globe” (97; S)*;;E
Radish “Easter Egg II Blend” (97; F)*;;E
Radish “French Golden”;;E
Radish “Scarlet Turnip White Tipped” (97; F) *;;E
Radish “Sparkler White Tip” (97; S)*;;E
Radish “Sparkler” (97; S) *;;E
Radish Sirri RZ (99;F)*;;E
Radish Wood’s Frame;;E
Salsify (99; S);;E
Scorzonera (00;S; 99; M + 98);Scorzonera hispanis;E
Sorrel “Shchavel” (98; F) *;;E
Spinach “Medania” (99;F);;E
Squash “Lady Godiva” (98;F) OUT;;E
Squash “Omaha”;;E
Squash “Whanga” (99; F);From New Zealand;E
Squash Table Queen (97; F);;E
Swede Purple Top Garden”;;E
Swiss Chard (99;F);;E
Swiss Chard “Fordhook” (98;F);;E
Swiss Chard Ruby Red (97; S);;E
Tatsoi (99; S, 98;F);Brassica juncea;E
Tomatillo ‘Purple de Milpa’ (99;F);Physalis ixocarpa;E
Tomatillo morada (99; F);Physalis ixocarpa;E
Tomato “Aztec 10” (98; F)*;;E
Tomato “Beefsteak” (98; F) *;;E
Tomato “Black Krim” (99;F);;
Tomato “China Flat” (98; F)*;;E
Tomato “Orange Bourjoin” (99; S)*;;E
Tomato “Peasant” (99; F)*;;E
Tomato Early Tanana (99;F);From Alaska;E
Tomato Imur Prior Beta (99;F);Norwegian variety (cold hardy);E
Tomato Potato Leaf White (99;F);;E
Tomato “Agata”;Russian Cultivar (early);E
Tomato “Datchnik”;Russian Cultivar (early);E
Tomato “Raket”;Russian Cultivar (mid-early);E
Tomato “Ljana”;Russian Cultivar (early);E
Tomato “Gnom”;Russian Cultivar (early);E
Tomato “Trapeza”;Russian Cultivar (early);E
Tomato ”Ivanushka”;Russian Cultivar (early);E
Tomato “Oranshevyje Slivkii”;Russian Cultivar (mid-early);E
Tree Tomato (98; F)* ;Cyphomandra betacea;E
Turnip “Målselv”;;E
Turnip “Seven Top Greens” (97; F) *;;E
Valerianella eriocarpa (97;F);Lamb’s Lettuce;E
Valerianella eriocarpa ‘Mache Blonde des Ardennes’;Lamb’s Lettuce;E
Valerianella locusta “Elan” (00;F);Lamb’s Lettuce;E
Zucchini “Sakiz” (99;F);;E

Species in red are new species for this list!
98, 99 and 00 are the harvesting year for the seed
Seed quantity available – F: Few; S; Some; M: Many
OUT : this means that this species is no longer available this season
? A – used in (alcoholic) drinks; e.g., beer, wine, spirits
? B – soap substitute or used in soap making
? C – coffee substitute
? CA – candied
? CH – Chocolate substitute
? CO – Condiment
? CU – Curdling Milk
? D – dye plant
? DE – Detoxifying Soil
? DI – Disinfectant
? DR – Dried flower decorations
? E – edible (e.g., vegetable; edible seeds, flavouring etc.- not necessarily all parts of plant edible and
no guarantees as to how tasty they are: some have been used in times of famine and you would
have to be desperate to eat them in a time of plenty. Nevertheless, many are excellent; ? implies
that the plant in question has uncertain edibility or that it may be toxic in large amounts)
? F – edible flowers
? FC – Food colouring
? FN – Fungicidal
? FR – fragrance (used in pot-pourris etc.)
? FU – Fruit
? G – glue
? GU- gum
? H – Herbicidal proprieties
? I – incense
? NA – used in non-alcoholic drinks
? O– edible, industrial or essential oil from seeds or other parts of the plant
? P – pesticidal properties or insect repellent
? PA – Paints, varnishes etc.
? PE – Pectin
? R – fibre plant (fibre, paper etc.)
? RE – Rennet substitute
? RU – Rubber;
? S – perfumery, cosmetic
? SP – Sunlight protection
? ST – starch;
? SU –sugar substitute or sweetening, nectar
? T – tea plant
? TA – Tannin
? TI – Tinder
? TO – Toothbrush/ toothpick

NB! If you want more information on the uses of any of the plants on the list, I would recommend the
Plants for a Future’s Species Data Base to be found at

Another excellent reference book is Stephen Facciola’s Cornucopia II : A Source Book of Edible

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