Visit to the largest Allotment area in the UK – Uplands

After visiting Walsall Road Allotments’ amazing diversity of vegetables (, my friend Island Monkey drove me to Uplands, possibly the largest allotments in Europe. Unfortunately, the woman who was to show us around couldn’t make it at the last minute, but Brian Carter was not a bad replacement, one of 3 generations that have gardened here. His Dad gardened here over 50 years ago! Brian’s plot is also unique as he is an award winning Dahlia grower!
However, Uplands was a bit of an anticlimax as there was none of the diversity of Walsall Road. The majority of plots were pure production plots supplying local ethnic markets and restaurants, mainly West Indian and Indian. The plots were also larger than at Walsall Road and often just one vegetable was being grown.

See my pictures here:


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