Forced lime leaf salad

Resurrecting this Facebook post from two years ago as I just trimmed my lime trees for early spring lime leaf salad. Here’s what I wrote two years ago:

“When I was in Denmark a few weeks ago, I met a guy who forces lime / lind leaves, probably the native tree in Europe with the best tasting leaves! What a good idea…yet another way of getting off-season greens! Forcing tree twigs into growth inside is often done in winter anyway to brighten up our homes…so why not eat them too…”

1 23

Lime leaves bottom right with various other perennial salad greens for tonight’s salad… From 8 o’clock and clockwise: Hablitzia / Stjernemelde; Giant Bellflower / Storklokke; overwintered parsley and leaf celery / persille og bladselleri; Dandelion / Løvetann; Allium senescens / nutans hybrid and Scorzonera (at 3 o’clock); Lime / Lind and Apium nodiflorum at the bottom; in the middle is Sweet Cicely / Spansk Kjørvel Lady’s Mantle / Marikåpe and Ground Elder / Skvallerkål


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