Taraxacum pseudoroseum, the pink flowered dandelion

I thought I’d blogged about my favourite edimental dandelion before, but I couldn’t find it. There’s more about the pink flowered dandelion in my book Around the World in 80 days.  Here are some pictures:


Director Arve Elvebakk of the Tromsø Arctic-Alpine Botanical Gardens sampling a leaf
Pots of Taraxacum pseudoroseum (left) and T. rubifolium in the Naturplanteskolen (Copenhagen) plant nursery


11 thoughts on “Taraxacum pseudoroseum, the pink flowered dandelion”

  1. did you grow them seed? I just saw a note on them and the lilac flowered dandelion. Thanks!

    1. Yes, my first plants were both seed propagated and from a nursery in Northern Norway…
      The lilac flowered dandelion seed haven’t germinated :(

  2. Beautiful flowers! How do the leaves taste, the same as Taraxacum officinale? Are there any dandelions which have less bitter leaves?

    1. I would say that they were a bit less bitter! When I was young I found dandelions horribly bitter and couldn’t understand why anyone would want to eat them. Nowadays, I love the “good” bitterness of dandelions. Read more in my book about the various methods of disguising or reducing the bitter taste of dandelions. Actually people never ate a dandelion salad in the past on their own, always mixed or with dressing!

  3. Hello! Have you found the pink dandelions cross pollinate with yellow or are the seeds true to type?

      1. That’s good to know, thank you! I just collected some seeds from one I olanted last year, so hoping they come true since we have a lot more yellow ones this year than last.

  4. Dandelions are way too bitter for me – it’s most definitely an acquired taste so I should have started early, not on retirement – but, if hidden in the dark attic cupboard, for a while, that should be ok with dressing.

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