Magnificent review of ATW in Permaculture Activist

A big thank you to Peter Bane for his unusually well written review of my book in Permaculture Activist!

A couple of quotes (the whole review can be downloaded below):

«I don’t normally sing the praises of the process that is making humanity one people and Earth one place, but in the case of distributing plant diversity, we have to make an exception. The economic processes of globalism are a largely unmitigated disaster. The biotic reassembly of Pangaia may be the silver lining in the vast cloud, and a source of considerable succour to late 21st century people if they can look back on the holocaust of our time with any equanimity. 
Stephen Barstow, evoking the mythical Phineas Fogg of globe-spanning balloon fame, has laid before his readers a veritable planetary feast of perennial vegetables. Standing on the shoulders of plant explorers and scholars before him: Sturtevant, Facciola, and others, he does them justice by acknowledging and improving on their work”

“Around the World in 80 plants brings honor to its author and publishers by contributing a magnificent work to the literature of permanent agriculture. Worth the effort to read, it belongs on the shelf of all serious gardeners.”

Download (PDF, 2.53MB)

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