Lupinus pilosus

Lupinus pilosus is flowering in the garden. It’s an endemic from Israel!

From Wikipedia: Around the South Tyrolean village of Altrei (Anterivo), L. pilosus was historically grown. The seeds were roasted and mixed with malt grains and infused in boiling water to produce a coffee-like but caffeine-free hot beverage, Altreier Kaffee (“Altrei coffee”). Interesting not only from a cultural and historical but also from a botanical standpoint, since 2006 a local initiative is re-establishing L. pilosus cultivation in the Altrei region to revive this culinary specialty.


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  1. It also is endemic to some of the islands of the Cycladic group in Greece, and seems quite happy here in N. California. This year was the first time I had one reseed voluntarily, but they are quite easy to grow from seed. Jana Mariposa/Mariposa Habitat Nursery

  2. Dear Sir/Madam,

    This is Wenli and I am looking for seeds of Lupinus pilosus to do research. I found L. pilosus on your webpage. So, I am emailing to ask if you can offer me some or do you know any other place that I can buy some seeds of Lupinus pilosus.

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Best regards

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