Around the World in 80 plants on the Permaculture Podcast

Around the World in 80 plants on the Permaculture Podcast with Scott Mann.

This is a a 40 minute interview  where I talk  about my mix of foraging and cultivation, diversity salads, edimentals, Hablitzia, cellar Gardening, Hosta, Udo, Norway’s Useful Plants Society ( Norges sopp- og nyttevekstforbund ), the FB group Plant Breeding for Permaculture, my trip to Oregon in August and an appearance at the IPCUK Conference in London and, fittingly, as I’ll be there in a week from now, the favourite edible of the NZ maori, Puha!

There are over 10 pages in the book about Puha, probably the most geographically widespread edible in the world! Here are some pictures, first two pictures of the NZ endemic perennial Sonchus kirkii, the original perennial Puha, predating the wonder “weed” Sonchus oleraceus which is nowadays used (picture from Otara market).

The Maori Otara market in Auckland – the plastic bag the guy in front is carrying is full of Puha!!
Sonchus kirkii
Sonchus kirkii


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