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Autumn leaves

Back home from my visit to south western Norway and this is probably THE autumn of all autumns I will ever experience here…..high pressure weather with clear skies for 3 weeks, record number of sun-hours in any month ever and little wind to blow the leaves off the trees…the autumn colours keep going and going, so here’s an album of leaf pictures, all taken today 25th October 2016…

Autumn in my forest garden

My forest garden continues to be super-productive, my udo is on its way back to the soil and is preparing for next year as are my three devil’s walking sticks, Aralia elata as well as Aralia racemosa and A. californica.
There are a lot of apples to start drying soon!

Clearfell / Flatehogst

In my local area, a disproportionate large area of forest has been clear-felled recently, a practice we need to stop if we are to take climate change seriously as this releases much carbon dioxide. It was sickening to see just how large an area has been felled in recent years in this series of photos taken recently on a flight to Oslo. The usual excuse given is that a lot of trees have fallen in recent extreme storms and need to be “cleared” up. And what is causing these storms? A vicious circle in other words…
See my blog post about our recent field trip to discuss these problems here:


Feeling tired but good having worked hard for several hours with my bow saw and axe coppicing this Hazel. A surprising amount of wood on a tree like this. It was probably 15 years ago I did this last… The green bush below the Hazel is a box (Buxus) which is probably 25 years old!

P1510810P1510809 P1510863P1510860P1510859 P1510857P1510855








































Added a few more pictures today, worked about an hour sorting the wood into different piles: firewood, tops for peas to climb into, long runner bean stakes and the rest which will be piled up in the garden for wildlife…. It always amazes me how little effort it is in my relatively cold climate to cut enough wood by hand for firewood…

P1510938 P1510943 P1510945 P1510949 P1510947

Perennials vs. annuals

Picture taken by journalist Heidi Løkken in my garden this week showing my straggling tree climbing Hablitzia together with a French dandelion cultivar “Vert de Montmagny Ameliore”. Before I really discovered perennials, this was a part of my vegetable garden I struggled with as it was so dry under the birch tree during summer. Using perennials, the same area is one of the most productive parts of the garden as it’s damp enough when the perennials are growing strongest to the end of June!