A curious discussion on Gynostemma and dioecy

A curious discussion between Mushroom (Alan Kapuler), myself and Pamela Melcher on Gynostemma pentaphyllum in the cucumber family, where we also talk about our frustrations with dioecious plants. And, no, the plant shown in the video isn’t Gynostemma, it’s a Physalis!

In a mild winter, Gynostemma overwintered in my garden!
Gynostemma is the climber on the left, in the shop at Naturplanteskolen in Denmark


2 thoughts on “A curious discussion on Gynostemma and dioecy”

  1. Hello,
    Every time I try this page the video lower bar shows for a few seconds and then disappears. All I can see is the still photograph of a physalis.
    Is this a problem with my system or is it with this page, please can you help?
    Thank you.
    Michele Bland.

    1. Thanks to drawing my attention to this. This is a link to another page that doesn’t work any more (photobucket). I found the original video file, but in .mov format and I can only hear the soundtrack…so couldn’t put it out again. Sorry.

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