Extra wide-leaved form of Allium nutans

I remember years ago seeing a picture of a wide-leaved nutans grown by Mark McDonough
http://www.pacificbulbsociety.org/pbswiki/files/Allium/Allium_nutans_lg_leaf_form_wk5.jpg and I remember thinking that would make a good vegetable! A couple of years ago Mark kindly sent me seed of a mix of Allium nutans crossed with Allium senescens. The result was a hotchpotch of different forms, but one stood out with much broader leaves…it looks promising…..the next breeding project perhaps?P1400067

2 thoughts on “Extra wide-leaved form of Allium nutans”

  1. How did this end up, were you able to grow anything interesting from its seeds? I would love to grow some of the nutans x senescens hybrids, I think they would have a lot of potential.

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