Happy Birthday ATW









Wow, Happy Birthday ATW!! A whole year has passed since my book arrived at the publishers!! It’s been an amazing year for me since the book launch and thanksgiving party in Oslo: http://www.edimentals.com/blog/?page_id=714
It’s literally taken me Around the World in 48 events (talks, courses etc.) from Tromsø in Northern Norway to the southern tip of New Zealand for the Riverton Harvest Festival! Wherever I’ve been I’ve met amazing folk who are making a real difference in their communities and I’m thankful to have many new friends around the world! Thanks to everyone who has helped along the way heart emoticon. I don’t plan to “retire” from plants just yet, so I will hopefully meet many more of you next year!

Tim Harland (photograph) was the subject of the very first ATW Selfie: http://www.edimentals.com/blog/?p=466 (all the books behind him were sold and it was reprinted in the summer!)

Please send your ATW Selfie if you’d like to be added to the ATW wall of fame ;)

Thanks also for all the great reviews, only 5 star reviews so far on Amazon (11 of them)! Other reviews here:
Oh, and Xmas is coming up ;) (advertisement over….)

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