Grennessminde, the Noma beds and Microbreeder seminar

On my way from Bulgaria to Lisbon, I stopped off in Copenhagen to visit my colleague Aiah Noack who I’ve collaborated with on perennial vegetables and edimentals for a number of years! See my blog on last year’s Fantasy Salad competition here:
..and Aiah’s Naturplanteskole visit to Malvik earlier in the summer here:
My visit to Det Økologiske Gartneri (Organic Nursery) at Grennessminde coincided with a seminar amongst Danish micro-breeders, which I was also invited to!

The group was invited to sample edible plants from the Fantasilater beds and the NOMA bed, introduced by Aiah Noack who brought the concept to Grennessminde a few years ago.  Chefs of that world renowned restaurant in Copenhagen visit frequently to collect hundreds of flowers of over 60 varieties (see a previous blog report on this here: ).

The seminar was at AgroTech, where we were shown around the labs where they count chromosome numbers, perform  embryo rescue techniques and the group were inspired by ongoing breeding and testing projects on  herbs, alternative grain crops, and others. It was very important for them to point out that they are offering breeding techniques that are non-GMO.

See the photo album here:








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