My pond is back

I finally got my Tiny pond back it into life today after 5 years trying to get rid of the Equisetum (water horsetail?) I foolish planted many years ago…also removed the Zizania aquatica (Manchurian wild rice) which was also taking over..
Unfortunately seem to have lost my ALlium VAlidum (swamp onion), one of the 80 in my book, so if you are one of those I sent seed to, you know what to do :)
I have planted plenty of Saxifraga pensylvanica though, looking forward to trying that one!
Saxifraga pensylvanica:
Some pictures of Allium validum:

Alliums 24th July 2017

Allium amplectans, Allium wallichii and ultra-slow Allium tricoccum…
Added today to my large nearly 800 picture Allium album:

Weeded “Pissenlit Coeur Plein Ameliore” is back!

It’s not easy being a Wwoofer at my place as this spring when I discovered two of my prize dandelions had been weeded ;) She was devastated when I told her, reassuring her that she probably hadn’t managed to get all the root out and that it would come back in due course..and in any case I had saved seed of both (which I promptly sowed again). Well, dear Wwoofer, “Pissenlit Coeur Plein Ameliore” (originally bought in a French supermarket about 18 years ago) has returned :)


Dividing 1-year old Hablitzia plants

Hablitzia roots have an astonishing number of shoots waiting to grow if you cut them down…I like to think that this is an adaptation to human grazing pressure, so that we can repeatedly harvest without killing the plants ;)
Root cuttings work to quickly multiply plants , just ensure you use a sharp knife and have at least one shoot on each root slice! See the pictures!

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