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Extreme salad film

On 19th May 2017, filmakers Ane Mari Aakernes and Berit Børte of Grow UP City filmed me in the garden collecting ingredients for an extreme salad, made with 211 different plants, almost all of them perennials. I’m told that almost all the ingredients are shown in this 6 part film, so settle down and join me in foraging my maximum diversity edible garden where the focus is on sustainable, nature and climate friendly, perennial vegetables ….. :)

Filmed extreme salad!

This weekend, I have a film crew in the garden (more later) and a multi-species salad was of course on the agenda. We made this last night and it was served wild salmon that they had brought with them!! The resultant feast can be seen below! Apart from Begonia flowers, Stevia and Cuban oregano, everything is harvested outdoors and almost all are cold hardy perennials! A salad totally free of tomatoes and cucumber!







































































Extreme May salad

Yesterday, 19th May 2017, I spent several hours being filmed in the garden collecting and preparing a multi-species salad, predominantly perennials…and this was the result! How many? The recount will take some time….
More later  :)
Thanks to Ane Mari Aakernes (camera), ably supported by Berit Børte

Incredible Edible Jevnaker

Picture of the course participants by Anita Neby​

What an amazing group of people who had assembled in Jevnaker at the weekend to learn more about perennial vegetables, edible weeds and edimentals! It was sad to leave…
Thanks to Trude Skåre Johansen of Jevnaker Hage and Mr. Permaculture Norway himself, Jan Bang for arranging the weekend!

The Hablitzia salad, mostly Hablitzia shoots plus ground elder (skvallerkål), dandelion (løvetann), wild hop (humle), chicago onion (Allium cernuum), Allium scorodoparasum (bendelløk), primrose x oxlip hybrid (kusymre x hagenøkleblom), Primula elatior (oxlip / hagenøkleblom), Allium triquetrum, Allium paradoxum, Arabis alpina (flowers), Cardamine pentaphyllos (flowers), Primula denticulata (Kuleprimula; flowers)
Great to finally stay with Jan Bang…who has a fantastic sunset…
I admit that I did have a little slice of this cake at the weekend…