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Recent Alliums in the garden; August 2017

Alliums 24th July 2017

Allium amplectans, Allium wallichii and ultra-slow Allium tricoccum…
Added today to my large nearly 800 picture Allium album:

Alliums in the Gothenburg Botanical Gardens

Alliums in the botanical gardens in Gothenburg, Sweden on a visit on 16th June 2014. The first batch are from the under cover bulb garden, where watering regimes can be controlled. Not many species were flowering. This is one of the best bulb collections in the world with some 1,600 species!!
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Scape stir fry

Not garlic scapes as they’re not ready yet, but Chicago onion (Allium cernuum) scapes with Allium scorodoprasum scapes and Scorzonera scapes in tonight’s stir fry!

The Utrecht Allium Border

Probably the best display of Alliums I’ve seen, a special project this year at the Utrecht Botanical Garden, showing off the diversity in the onion family!
Quite a few of the plants were sourced from the Dutch Allium maestro, Wietse Mellema, without whom  (and Gerard van Buiten) I doubt it would have been this special!

Allium x cornutum

This is Allium x cornutum, a topsetting onion hybrid. One of the parents is Allium cepa, but the second is as far as I know unknown! I dug it up today, replanted many of the smaller bulbs to see how much they produce in one year and also some of the larger ones. The rest will be eaten!
This is the only one of 3 accessions from Gatersleben in Germany that has proven very hardy here! It originates in Croatia.
I planted this one in 2009 and it only flowered once (picture), in 2012 and  it had only one flower head. It has small bulbils and pinkish flowers.
The onions below were growing very densely in a patch about 25 x 15 cm..



Sand leek (rocambole) or Allium scorodoprasum gives bigger yields here than leeks, so it’s not surprising to learn that this perennial onion was probably cultivated by the Vikings (it is found naturalised near many old Viking settlements in Scandinavia) and I believe it is the original “geirlauk” (meaning spear onion) and the root of the word garlic in English… See also pages 215-217 in my book!
I hadn’t noticed the red base to the stems seen in these pictures before…
I used it in a quick scrambled egg dish together with Amish onion (Allium x proliferum), sorrel flower shoots, ground elder (Aegopodium), nettle (Urtica dioica),  Hydrophyllum virginianum (water leaf) with golpar spice.
These pictures can also be seen on my 700 plus album of Allium pictures on Facebook here….
P1730104 Sorrel (Rumex acetosa) flowering stems





Naturalised Allium victorialis in Hardanger, Norway

In June 2009, I was shown the only naturalised stand of victory onion (Allium victorialis) in south western Norway (away from Lofoten Islands – Vestvågøy – and Bodø area where there are several large populations).  It’s found in a damp wood (which regularly floods in spring) along the Granvinselven. Please refer to my book Around the World in 80 plants for more information about this fantastic onion!! This onion can grow both in shady and full sun localities:

In a local garden