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Large jackdaw flocks

With the mild weather and bare patches on the fields, it’s good times again for the crow family…it seems that, by the over 300 jackdaws (kaie) counted resting in the bay before flying into the roost a km or so west of here on Friday and 250 flying over this afternoon, that overwintering hasn’t been so bad after all!
The flock on Friday was the lagest registered this year in our area!


1 and 2.  Part of a flock counted from videos of 310 Jackdaws (kaie) resting in the bay on 23rd March with about 100 hooded crows (kråke)

3.  A large flock of about 250 Jackdaws flew over this afternoon 

Jackdaws fly towards the red sky

Jackdaws (kaie) fly every morning to breakfast which is served in the fields to the east of here…standing on my bedroom balcony, there’s suddenly a pressure wave as a small group of birds fly at breakneck speed right over the roof above my head…must try to film it one day…but this morning they and I also had a glorious view too…dreaming of coming back as a jackdaw…they have so much fun it seems!P1680334