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Beach Walk 30th December

Record jackdaw flock

This afternoon the biggest flock of Jackdaws (kaie) ever recorded in this area assembled in the field below the house before flying off towards the roost at dusk with hooded crows (kråke)!! Some 1600 birds (counted from the first video)! It’s been around -10C all day today!

RIP Bombycilla garrulus

It doesn’t happen very often but the last few days at least 3 waxwings (sidensvans) flew into a window on the house, two of which recovered (have put something in the window to discourage them). Probably discoordinated after partying too hard on fermenting apples :(
I can only remember once finding a dead waxwing next to the house (and on occason there can be up to 1,000 of them in the garden).