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15 Swallows don’t make a summer!

I was woken this morning to the sound of swallows (låvesvale) outside and a flock of some 15-20 birds were feeding low over the tree tops encouraged northwards last week by the warm weather over the whole of southern Norway and a week of temperatures close to 20C and a maximum of 22C in Trondheim. The temperature has now plummeted 15-20C and it’s rained! The hazy dusty warm weather due to farmers ploughing the dry land (a month of drought) in combination with the arrival of Saharan dust and pollen laden air is replaced with a heavy snow warning, although it’s unlikely to be a frost here on the coast. So, those swallows are in for a shock!!

North East Gale

There’s an unusual wind direction, blowing a gale from the north east today, a sign of cold weather on the way as a low pressure system currently centred over southern Norway moves eastwards allowing high pressure to descend on us. The forecast is for cold stable weather for the next week with temperatures dropping to -15C at night, the coldest this winter..