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My Permaculture Design Certificate project report

I received my PDC after completing the course mainly taught by Jan Bang at my house in Malvik during 3 long weekends in 2017.  My project report was about how I designed my own garden using permaculture design principles (without having read about them). The report can be downloaded below:

Download (PDF, 6.78MB)

Annual meeting of Norwegian Permaculture Association in Trondheim

Pictures from the Norwegian Permaculture Association’s Annual Meeting in Trondheim in June 2011 including design of the new Permabed at Svartlamoen and visit to the Edible Garden in Malvik!

Having permafun in Porsgrunn

Back in Nesodden (family visit) after two great days celebrating økouka (national organic week) in Porsgrunn! Thanks to Gunn Marit and Anne Sofie for inviting me and for all the great folks that attended, several of which were members of KVANN (Norwegian Seed Savers). On Wednesday evening I gave a 90min + talk about KVANN and perennial veggies, followed by the official opening of Porsgrunn Seed Library (with my Hablitzia – stjernemelde) seed being the first donation. Then, on Thursday morning, I gave a course on perennial veggies to a group in the newly restored Eidanger vicarage in which the Eidanger CSA (moved here this year from another site) has a room, including half an hour looking at wild and garden plants in the old rectory garden! A great mix of folks, it was particularly pleasing that two young students had travelled down from Bø i Telemark to learn more about perennial vegetables! It was also good to see the leader of the Århus CSA scheme Tove and the new gardener Katrine in attendance! I’d met Tove on that memorable life-changing visit to Århus 5 years ago ( There are lots of exciting sustainable developments and initiatives in Porsgrunn and I also talked to a guy with plans of converting an old farm to a forest garden. Great also to meet a newly arrived American wwoofer who had travelled south from Engeløya (Steigen) where she’d been working for my friend Eva Bakkeslett​ (see about my 2015 visit to Engeløya). For this reason, the course was in English!! Eidanger is destined to become a centre of vegetable diversity in the future with such a great group of visionary folk and a lot of land to work with!
See also this aerial view of the Porsgrunn CSA at the Eidanger Prestegård:

Permakultur samling Oikos Nord Trøndelag

Pictures from a great day last Sunday in the company of a great group of permaculture interested folks from Oikos Nord Trøndelag (Oikos = Organic Norway)
We started in my garden in Malvik at 10:30, then travelled north to Johannes Moen’s place just south of Steinkjer, stopping on the way to collect some fertility and for a swim in Leksdalsvatnet! I got home by train at 11:30 pm!

La Ferme des Quatre Temps

The reason for my trip to Canada in March / April 2017 was because I was invited by Jean-Martin Fortier​ to visit and give a talk and discuss perennial vegetables at La Ferme des Quatre Temps, an amazing farm near Hemmingford, Quebec (south of Montreal and near the US border). Jean-Martin is well-known for his book “The Market Gardener” which has sold more than 80,000 copies! This album of pictures gives my impression of my short visit on the farm in very early spring, where a whole area is devoted to trialling permaveggies for the market, the best commercial operation I’ve seen! Thanks for the invite Jean-Martin!
This is the Wikipedia entry on the farm: “In the fall of 2015, Fortier was recruited by André Desmarais, Deputy Chairman, President and Co-Chief Executive Officer of Power Corporation and son of Paul Desmarais Sr, to design and operate a model farm, La Ferme des Quatre-Temps, on a 167 acres property in Hemmingford, Quebec. The mission of the farm is to demonstrate how diversified small-scale farms, using regenerative and economically efficient agricultural practices, can produce a higher nutritional quality of food and more profitable farms. The farm consists of four acres of vegetable production; sixty acres of animal grazing rotation including beef, pigs and chickens, ten acres of fruit orchards, a culinary laboratory for processing and creating original products and a huge greenhouse to produce vegetables throughout the year. The principles of permaculture were applied to ensure ecosystem balance: flowers were planted, ponds were dug to accommodate frogs and birdhouses were built to naturally control the proliferation of pests. Ten bee hives have also been installed on the property to promote pollination and mobile chicken coops allow hens to roam from one pasture to another to feed the worms in manure from cows.”

Hurdal Nordic Permaculture Festival 2013

I’m visiting Hurdal Ecovillage again this weekend, so thought I would post this album of pictures from the Nordic Permaculture Festival held there in August 2013!

More can be found by following these two links:

Earth Ways and Ludwig Appeltans

Ludwig Appeltans and Suzanne de Waard of Earth Ways turned out to be fairly close neighbours to Teeny Weeny Farm in Forres where I was staying in September 2016. I’d followed Ludwig on Facebook for some time and was therefore happy to be invited over to see their place! It became clear that their hearts weren’t fully into their piece of land due to “circumstances” and that they were looking for somewhere new to really develop their ideas and run permaculture courses. It turned out that they had a secret as plans were already advanced and a few weeks later they would be moving to the Rubha Phoil Forest Gardens, on Skye (Armadale within walking distance of the Mallaig ferry!), a big loss for Forres….. I wish them good luck and hope to visit them there in the next couple of years (I have a special relationship with Skye and the Inner Hebrides from the time I lived in Scotland)!
I wish I’d taken notes on the day as I’ve forgotten some of the details…hopefully Ludwig Appeltans will add some comments to the pictures
Read more about Earth Ways here:

Craig Gibsone at Findhorn

After Ariane Burgess had showed me round the Edible Woodland Garden, I’d been invited to lunch by Craig Gibsone, one of the elders of Findhorn having been involved with the Findhorn Foundation for well over 40 years! He had also been at my talk the night before at the Tiny Weeny Farm, and he seemed familiar as I’d seen a Youtube interview with him (see the link above) some time ago! Craig was born in Australia but considers Findhorn to be his spiritual home. He is a multi-talented teacher, potter, painter, musician, gardener and permaculturist….and it was a real pleasure too to be in his company for a couple of hours!  For more, see the picture gallery below!

Permaculture in Adresseavisen today!

Benjamin Bro-Jørgensen, who together with Irja Frydenlund have started an edible perennials nursery in Tingvoll, Norway, was profiled in today’s Adresseavisen (Hjem magazine) in an article “Den evige hagen” (the eternal garden). Wow, Permaculture and perennial vegetables in my local paper! Well done! Apparently, it is also published in Bergenstidende :)P1670001 P1670002