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The Teeny Weeny Farm

It’s only taken me two years to blog about the garden at Teeny Weeny Farm, a permaculture inspired market garden in the teeny village of Dyke in Morayshire in North East Scotland, not far from Findhorn!
Today FB told me my visit was already two years ago…so I decided to do something about it. The garden was relatively young when I visited but packed with interesting plants intermingled with plants being grown by Kirsty Reid for her cut flower business (many are edimentals!). I was told that her partner permaculturist Chris Johnstone was in charge of the fruit trees and berry bushes!

From my talk at Teeny Weeny Farm with a load of Findhorn luminaries!
Earhways and Ludwig Appeltans (now on the Isle of Skye)
Findhorn’s Forest Garden
Bike ride to Findhorn
Craige Gibsone at Findhorn

Bike ride to Findhorn

On the second day of my stay with Kirsty Reid and  Chris Johnstone at Teeny Weeny Farm (Dyke, Moray) I cycled over to visit Findhorn! There had been several from Findhorn at my talk the night before (see http://www.edimentals.com/blog/?p=6786 ) and I was invited by Ariane Burgess to visit the Findhorn Forest Garden (more of that later) and Craig Gibsone, one of the elders who has lived there for 40 years! The pictures are mostly of edibles I found on the bike ride and most are also invasive plants unwanted by most, but foragers look at these plants differently!