More seed for stratifying

An early Xmas present from Alexander Naumenko! Thanks!
Several new very interesting Alliums, Taraxacum lilacinum (lilac flowered dandelion…hope they will germinate!), Hyssopus tianschanicus, Tragopogon capitatus, Angelica brevicaulis and Serratula coronata (an important wild edible food plant in the Far East that I’ve been looking for for some time; this species has a very wide geographic distribution and is in the same family as saw-wort/jærtistel, Serratula tinctoria )! Also a nice little book in Russian on the Plants of Kyrgyzstan…

7 thoughts on “More seed for stratifying”

    1. It’s too early yet, the seed are stratifying outside and it snowed this week…I will post if and when it germinates this spring :)

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  2. Any good edible plants in the russian book? I am in Kyrgystan and keen to try eating some.

    Amazed at the oak trees in Bishkek, I don’t think ive seen them self seed this much anywhere, not sure of the exact variety.

    1. The focus in this book isn’t on edible plants, but there are number of edible species…Taraxacum, Adenophora, Alliums, Rheum, Viola! I’ve added a few pictures from the book, including the index! Available from Aleksandr Naumenko, who is one of the authors!

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