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Malvikodden / Tynesodden

Malvikodden is a fantastic mixed woodland area on the other side of the bay (Malvikbukta) from where I live, sadly largely felled by heavy machinery… anyway, it still has an amazingly rich flora with lowland species growing alongside plants you would normally associated with the mountains growing on rocks next to the fjord including purple saxifrage (Saxifraga oppositifolia) which normally blooms early in April. The south side of Malvikodden has/had one of the densest communities of song birds in our area thanks to the large diversity of deciduous trees. The only known breeding of stock dove (skogdue) in our region is here. A campaign “Bevar Malvikodden” (Save Malvikodden) lead by local man Pål Malvik luckily (by one vote) fought off plans to make the area a “Friluftsområdet” (recreational area) some years ago, including a large car park for hundreds of vehicles and a road to empty toilets on planned beaches on both sides of the area…  We believed at the time that the area was too small that it would ever be felled…

A large Facebook album of pictures taken over many years: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151959609890860.1073741968.655215859&type=1&l=a1a2728485

Click the link below to get a list (Excel) of plants registered at Malvikodden and Malvikbukta, including 179 species of flowering plant, almost 10% of all found in Norway! 

Download (XLSX, 27KB)

Stunning 11pm double rainbow

For the second night running a rainbow developed at about 10:40 and this time developed into one of the best displays I’ve seen, lasting almost 30 minutes when the sun went down…continually changing from a weak single bow that seemed to split at the top….developing into a full bow which landed in a spruce tree in the garden…and gradually fading as the sun set :)

P1610326 P1610333 P1610342 P1610344 P1610345 P1070934 P1610346