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Greys and browns

It’s still cool here, but with the snow line receded upwards we are left with a lot of brown from the naked fields and the greys of the fjord and clouds…with a welcome return of reds and yellows last night as the clouds broke up for a nice sunset.

Dawn and dusk

At this time of year dawn and dusk coincides for several hours and there’s no sun-up and sun-down again until after11th January; this is the most beautiful time of year. This morning the beauty didn’t last long as the storm and sleet showers moved in from the west!
The video shows the sun illuminating part of Forbordsfjellet on the other side of the fjord.

Home again

Great to be home again after my non-stop tour of Eastern and Mid-West USA. 12 talks and 2 walk and talks complete without any deviations from plan! Thanks to all for making it possible and to the Midwest Wild Harvest Festival and Atlanta Botanical Garden who shared my travel expenses.
However, much to do to put my 3 gardens to bed for the winter!