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After our visit to the Government House garden, Solara Goldwynn​ took me on a visit to an amazing inspiring ecohouse, gardens and perennials nursery in the Highlands area just outside of the city of Victoria (BC) where she and husband Tayler were living in a flat with owners Ann and Gord Baird

You can read much more about Ann and Gord on their web site at

Arche Noah and the Seewardsee

Tom Strubreiter is my host up here in St. Koloman (see He picked me up at the station on Thursday and took me up to his mountain farm where he’s doing important work conserving rare breeds of farm animals that are much better adapted to local conditions and that rarely need visits by the vet! He showed me around his amazing ecostructure that he calls his Noah’s Ark that he is constructing … I spent the day botanising in the species rich alpine meadows and swam in the Seewardsee! Couldn’t be better