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Perennialen III: Alvastien Telste – from fjord to shieling

Documentation of yet another amazing day during last week’s Perennialen III in Hardanger!! Pictures taken on a fantastic 6-7 hour round trip from Eirik Lillebøe Wiken​ and Hege Iren Aasdal Wiken​’s house to their shieling (støl or seter in Norwegian). We took our time botanising on the way up, passing through different types of forest on the way up, from alder (or), ash (ask), planted spruce (gran), lime (lind), elm (alm), hazel (hassel), aspen (osp) and birch (bjørk) at the highest levels. Lower down, old apple trees witnessed that these steep slopes had at one time been worked for fruit production, no easy matter….
Eirik and Hege are planning to rejuvenate and replant some of this area and have planted a multispecies forest garden above and below the house, probably one of the most dramatic forest gardens in the world (more later).

Ostrich Fern (strutseving)

Ants on pine tree

Aspen (osp) and the fjord

Young blackcap (munk)

Åfjord course day

A great day in the company of some wonderful people in Åfjord yesterday!
Thanks to Astrid Mathilde Petterson and husband Gunnar for arranging the course and for the hospitality at their farm, Rotnes Gård, in an amazing location at the mouth of not one but two salmon rivers, Stordals og Nordalselva! The couple are restoring the farm buildings and rent out rooms to fishermen and tourists:
The day started with my Around the World talk in the morning followed by a great lunch at the farm (spinach soup, sourdough bread, wild salmon wraps etc.). We then wandered along the shore and in the woods looking for wild edibles. Here are a few pictures! Thanks to Bjørn and wife for the lift home afterwards (and quick garden tour!)

Walk and Talk in the Vienna Botanical Gardens

Presenting an album of pictures from BG Vienna showing edible plants I found in the collections and talked about during my walk and talk arranged by Arche Noah!

Edimentals tour of the Botanischer Garten Universität Salzburg

My last gig in Austria was a tour in the young botanical garden in Saltzburg. Despite its youth (from 1986), it had one of the best collection of unusual edibles I’ve seen in a dedicated garden to the world’s cultural plants! Of course the ornamental beds also had a lot of food…

Arche Noah and the Seewardsee

Tom Strubreiter is my host up here in St. Koloman (see He picked me up at the station on Thursday and took me up to his mountain farm where he’s doing important work conserving rare breeds of farm animals that are much better adapted to local conditions and that rarely need visits by the vet! He showed me around his amazing ecostructure that he calls his Noah’s Ark that he is constructing … I spent the day botanising in the species rich alpine meadows and swam in the Seewardsee! Couldn’t be better



My second unsuccessful attempt to find ramsons (ramsløk) at its northernmost natural site at Ramslia in Nord Trøndelag (on the other side of Trondheimsfjord from my place). Neverthless, it was a great day out with one of my ex-OCEANOR work colleagues Jarle Tronstad who owns an old mountain farm in the area!

Homla walk 2nd June 2017

Another magical walk along the Homla Canyon in Malvik in the company of wwoofer of the week :)  First, a parade of Ostrich Ferns along the bank of the Homla river

A dipper (fossekall), Norway’s national bird flew past us singing as it flew and landed conveniently on some rocks 50m upstream: