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Homla ostrich fern tour; 17th May 2017

Yet another wondrous walk along the Homla canyon in Malvik , this time with Berit Børte, Marit By and Ane Mari Aakernes 

Vikhammer plants and birds


I had a little time to spare on Monday 8th May 2017, before my talk in the evening in Oslo. I went for a little walk on the coastal path (kyststien) on Nesodden where my son lives. Here’s a few pictures…

Fungi tour from Fjølstadtrøa


Sunday’s forest tour in Malvik with Naturvernforbundet

As part of Trondheim’s climate festival, which runs all this week, Naturvernforbundet (Friends of the Earth Norway) arranged a tour to experience first-hand a couple of remnants of old forest in Malvik! We learned more about the need to preserve more old forest in Norway, to extend the size of existing reserves and the importance to change the way we manage the forest as soon as possible to bind as much carbon as possible! Today’s clearfelling practices need to be changed to more ecologically sound methods.
We learned how to spot old forest remnants from afar, that about 80% of the carbon is below ground level and that only about 3% of the forest in Norway is over 160 years old, although the amount of old forest is now on the rise. We also visited Storfossen on the Homla river and talked about the spray zone around the waterfall where several rare lichens and mosses can be found. The forest along the river in this dramatic canyon-like landscape was finally protected by law last year:
It was a very interesting day thanks in particular to biologist Arnodd Håpnes from Naturvernforbundet in Oslo who lectured and asked questions from the well attended tour participants together with Martin Stuevold from the local group who are pushing the plans for protecting the forest locally and also Jan Erik Andersen from Fylkesmannen who also informed about the complicated process of trying to protect more forest…

Central Park with Leda Meredith

I’ve “known” forager Leda Meredith since 1999 on the Edible Wild email list run by Melana Hiatt! I was very happy when I was passing through New York headed for Vermont and Ottawa early  in September 2014 that she agreed to meet me early on a Friday morning in Central Park to show me her foraging grounds!
I sadly only had about an hour in Leda’s company, but we managed to cram in a lot of edible plants in a short time….here’s some of them :)
This album was earlier shown on Facebook and was re-erected more permanently here for two reasons – my Norwegian FB friend Stein Tofte showed a picture of pokeweed, Phytolacca americana, growing in his garden at Randaberg near Stavanger – his plant came from seed collected in Central Park :) It’s also Leda’s birthday today….so this is for you, HAPPY FORAGING BIRTHDAY!!

Danish walk down the Homla canyon

Alys’ Pool

Ostrich fern / strutseving
Saxifraga cotyledon / Mountain Queen / Flelldronning racemes hanging from the rocks to the right of the waterfall…
An island of ostrich fern / strutseving in the river
Alys Fowler​ in Nævrahølet

Almost exactly 6 years ago (is it really that long ago?) I was delighted to have a visit from BBC gardening presenter and Guardian writer Alys Fowler. After we finished photographing the garden I took her on a tour to Vennafjellet, the closest mountain to home and we also stopped at Nævrahølet, a local swimming “hole” under a small waterfall! It was a glorious hot day in “paradise”. It’s now known as Alys’ Pool and a picture of her swimming here features in her book the Thrifty Forager!

6 years on I did the same trip with the group of Danes who have been learning about permaveggies in my garden! It was a much colder day, but two of us did venture into the water. It wasn’t as bad as feared! One thing I hadn’t noticed on Alys’ visit was that there were several plants of Mountain Queen (Saxifraga cotyledon) hanging in full flower around the waterfall!

See the video of Ostrich Fern Island below:

P1080259 P1080262

Danish invasion of Vennafjellet

On Sunday of the Danish Malvik permaveggies course, we drove to near the top of the closest mountain from home to see the views and the rich flora: Vennafjellet (Faseknippen) and walked over to Baklifjellet
Please feel free to add names to plants and people!






See the whole album here:

Coming home to talk to some groovy growers

I grew up in Eastleigh only a few miles from Southampton, so it’s a bit special for me to be invited to talk to some groovy growers in that town on Wednesday 15th June 2016!