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Coffee Tea

Did you know you could make coffee tea from the leaves of the coffee bush! I finally got round to trying the fresh leaves from my plant as a tea a couple of weeks back and it was really delicious, with a similar taste to coffee berries if you’ve tried them (the red  flesh around the seed used to make coffee).
Coffee tea is certainly easier to grow and make at home than coffee coffee …. I’m still saving seed for a brew :)


Daina discovers secret life of coffee

Daina Binde from Latvia doesn’t drink coffee but has a nose for a coffee flower…as she discovered that my coffee plant was in flower, unnoticed by me, in the depths of my living room forest garden….
I thought it hadn’t flowered for about 4-5 years, but it must have done as it also had two berries!!
More about Coffea arabica “Malvik” here:

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