Letter from the Prince

It’s not every day one finds a letter from Prince Charles in the mailbox :) I met two of the gardeners at Highgrove after my talk at Croome earlier this month and decided to ask them if they could pass on a copy of my book to the Prince! This is because I mention him and Highgrove in my Around the World talks as having the most productive edible Forest Garden in the UK – through his national collection of large leaved Hostas! Below is the letter and the slide from my talk where I talk about the Forest Garden at Highgrove!

Here’s my original article on edible Hostas in Permaculture Magazine where I mention the Prince!



5 thoughts on “Letter from the Prince”

  1. Hi Stephen
    I bought your book and I’m fascinated.I follow all you write on you blog.
    All the work of Martin Crawford, Geof Lawton, Eric Toensmeier and yours is “public service”. I have all their books and videos.
    Now I hope you make your videos too (about your garden, voyages, etc) and more books. We “need” it.

    All the best

  2. WHAT A COINCIDENCE! I write to you for the first time at the same moment that you come to Lisbon (my town)!
    My English is terrible. Are you joking? Will you be in Lisbon in the next days?
    For something about plants? Where?

    1. Yes, quite a coincidence! I’m now in Lisbon ;)
      It’s mainly a work trip. I have a meeting tomorrow. On Thursday, I plan to visit some gardens or projects as I don’t fly home until about 1700. I posted asking people for some ideas of what to do on my Facebook page a few days ago. I haven’t decided yet where to go. Let me know if you have any suggestions!
      Best regards, Stephen

  3. Hi Stephen

    I know 2 or 3 places to go. Sintra and 1 or 2 gardens but nothing like edible gardens.
    If you don´t mind I can meet you and we will talk about it.
    Isn’t your work trip about plants today?
    Can you give me your email? You can email me directly to b-sofia@sapo.pt
    All the best

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