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More “northern” lights

Some more pretty lights seen from the garden yesterday…


The moon had on some make-up last night, preparing for the super blue blood moon in two days time!



When I saw this light on the fjord, I thought that somebody was being beamed down to earth and would be in for a wet surprise…


…there were two of them…



Moonset and rise in only 7-8 hours

It was interesting to see that the moon set at about 10am this morning in the north west just before I left for the office in town, and just before I got home I notice an orange glow behind Forbordsfjellet at just after 17:30. The moon is therefore in the sky for about 16 hours at the moment! This mirrors the sun in summer which also sets and rises in similar positions and this is actually for the same reason!
We have more MOONSHINE in the north!!