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Craig Gibsone at Findhorn

After Ariane Burgess had showed me round the Edible Woodland Garden, I’d been invited to lunch by Craig Gibsone, one of the elders of Findhorn having been involved with the Findhorn Foundation for well over 40 years! He had also been at my talk the night before at the Tiny Weeny Farm, and he seemed familiar as I’d seen a Youtube interview with him (see the link above) some time ago! Craig was born in Australia but considers Findhorn to be his spiritual home. He is a multi-talented teacher, potter, painter, musician, gardener and permaculturist….and it was a real pleasure too to be in his company for a couple of hours!  For more, see the picture gallery below!

Neil Young’s Global Ecovillage and Stavern

Apart from being a well known  singer / songwriter over the last 40 years, Neil Young is also an environmental activist and through his 2015 album “The Monsanto Years”  with its obvious anti-GMO, pro organics theme, he reached out to many. From 2015, he has invited the permaculture movement to man a stand in a tent called ‘News You Can Trust’ in his Global Ecovillage which follows his tours!  Permaculture magazine in the UK had been entrusted to organise local people to take part and I was offered two free tickets to take part.  Having never seen Young live and seeing the opportunity to promote both permaculture and my book to a new audience, I jumped at the chance. Helene Bøhler joined me on behalf of the Norwegian Permaculture Association for a memorable day in Stavern!

Here is a selection of pictures from my visit to the Stavern Festival and Stavern  :)

See also https://www.permaculture.co.uk/news/2906156387/neil-young-invites-permaculture-tour