Permakultur samling Oikos Nord Trøndelag

Pictures from a great day last Sunday in the company of a great group of permaculture interested folks from Oikos Nord Trøndelag (Oikos = Organic Norway)
We started in my garden in Malvik at 10:30, then travelled north to Johannes Moen’s place just south of Steinkjer, stopping on the way to collect some fertility and for a swim in Leksdalsvatnet! I got home by train at 11:30 pm!

Planter i Hurdal prestegårdshagen

Her er min bilde-dokumentasjon av plantene i Prestegårdshagen i Hurdal funnet under to besøk i juli 2017 før evt restaurering / nyplanting kommer i gang!
Se også bildene av nøttekråkene, cembrafuru (det er 4 trær i hagen!) og pinjenøtter her:
Nøttekråkene også spiser og hamstrer hasselnøtter, som var plantet (levende lysthus) og forvillet!

An album of pictures from registering plants in the garden of the Hurdal rectory.

Bees and other pollinators on edimentals

I’ve been observing edimentals liked by the bees over the last week…and the winners are the following genera: Allium, Cirsium, Papaver, Trifolium, Dictamnus, Knautia, Campanula, Codonopsis and Aquilegia
I only need to find the time to get out Tor Bollingmo’s (Norwegian) book and attempt to identify the bee species!

Leopard slug sex

My wonderful leopard slugs are feeling it….and I’m happy there will soon be even more of them!! At night, when fertile leopards meet they begin to court, circling and following each other, nibbling each other and touching …The two slugs climb up into a tree or other structure, then hang from a branch on a thick strand of mucus, intertwined with one another….lovely!!
Learn more of the wonderful world of leopard slug sex here:

My pond is back

I finally got my Tiny pond back it into life today after 5 years trying to get rid of the Equisetum (water horsetail?) I foolishly planted many years ago…also removed the Zizania aquatica (Manchurian wild rice) which was also taking over..
Unfortunately seem to have lost my ALlium VAlidum (swamp onion), one of the 80 in my book, so if you are one of those I sent seed to, you know what to do :)
I have planted plenty of Saxifraga pensylvanica though, looking forward to trying that one!
Saxifraga pensylvanica:
Some pictures of Allium validum:

Alliums 24th July 2017

Allium amplectans, Allium wallichii and ultra-slow Allium tricoccum…
Added today to my large nearly 800 picture Allium album: