Allium cernuum, my favourite onion?

If I was pinned down to choose one onion that I absolutely couldn’t be without, it would be this one I think. It is of course included in my book Around the World in 80 plants. Not only is it beautiful (there are many colour and size forms and probably also variations in taste – must get round to test this!), it is incredibly hardy, very drought resistant, is quick growing, can be eaten all year round, even in winter if you can find it under the snow, the flowers are fantastic in summer salads and I believe would be a market success as a kind of spring onion (beautiful red base to the plants).  Here are a few shots from my garden where the different colour forms have crossed to make a rainbow of colours and some nice forms such as “Dark Scape” are popping up!


P1450135 P1450133 P1450131 P1450129 P1440602

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