Munich Botanical Garden

Having a long layover in Munich on my way to Bulgaria, I visited the Botanischer Garten München-Nymphenburg (Munich Botanical Garden) for a few hours.  Here I found a wide range of edimentals and perennial vegetables, not at their best of course in November, but lots of interest for the edible collector :)
Notable was the collection showing off the diversity of the species Brassica oleracea, including impressive marrowstem kales, various wild perennial kales and in another part of the garden what could be Red Tree Collards, a new one for me. I couldn’t believe the first plant to greet me inside the garden, woodlander Trachystemon orientalis, which I had learned was used for food in Bulgaria on my last trip (to Strandzha). I also saw the tallest nettle I’ve ever seen, a section on vegetative propagated plants – bulbils – and Apomixis was demonstrated by Dandelions! There was also a very tall perennial buckwheat, joke plants and I noted died back old favourites Hablitzia tamnoides and Crambe cordifolia!
Next time, I’ll intentionally lay over in Munich!









See the pictures here:

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