Cycle foraging

I didn’t have high expectations of finding many mushrooms today as I’d heard it was a very bad year for winter chantarelles / traktkantarell which is the main variety I pick for drying for the winter. Never before has this species failed me and I didn’t find a single one of this species after over 5 hours in the woods. In fact, the first 4 hours I hardly found anything, one group of chantarelle, a few hedgehogs / piggsopp and a few ceps / steinsopp. Good to just walk in the woods though! I had more or less given up and I was almost back to where I’d left my bike when…there they were….the woods were yellow with chantarelles and in one small area I picked almost continuously for 45 minutes! Never before have I picked so many chantarelle so late in the year. It seems that everything is late this year…too late for the winter chantarelles…I’ll dry these chanterelles and use them instead! So, what was going to be a 3 hour forage turned into 6 hours and lots cleaning ahead!
See the pictures here:

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