An Edimental Lampascioni

This page is prompted  by the following wonderful picture of an ornamental cultivar of the well known Mediterranean edible bulb Leopoldia comosa (syn Muscari comosum), known as Lampascioni in Italy. Here’s a picture of one of the better known dishes made from this plant: (Lampascioni sott’olio)

I’ve no idea whether the bulbs of this edimental cultivar, known as Plumosum or Monstrosum are equally edible / productive, but it’s worth seeking out for your edimental garden!

Leopoldia comosa “Plumosum”
Out of focus picture on the market in Firenze, Italy, early in April
Bought on the market in Firenze, these didn’t do well in my northern garden
In the collection of wild edibles in Orto Botanico in Firenze with information on how it’s used in the kitchen
In the Rock Garden of the Copenhagen Botanical Garden



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