Crambe tatarica seed

Seed of Crambe tatarica are scarce, so it was strange to find two varieties in one Estonian seed catalogue. However, the picture on front of one looks more like horseradish.. :(


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  1. Stepen,
    I tried these out, germination was very low and the two plants I had were very slow growing. Mice ate the roots during winte, so I don’t have any left. Horseradish, atleast the commn one, forms no seeds at all, there are however some wild relatives (still looking for these) armoracia sisymbrioides and macrocarpa that do form seeds and seem to be endemic in eastern European parts

    1. Hi Frank :)
      Jean-Christophe in Canada sent me the following message: “I sowed a dozen packs of these 2 crambe tatarica from (estonian source) more than 4 weeks ago and it’s still not germinating. I scarified each seeds by cracking the envelope like I do for the c. maritima. Do you know if it needs stratification?”
      When did you buy them, Frank? Hope they are not old stock :(
      Concerning horseradish, I didn’t think they set seed either, but was sent a few seed a few years ago, but they didn’t germinate. A Danish woman told me they set seed in her area – she promised to look out this autumn, so we’ll see!
      I was in Bulgaria recently and mentioned in a talk to group of plant people that I was keen to get some Armoracia macrocarpa that grows in the north of the country, but no-one was aware of it! I told them it was a local veg they should be proud of…we’ll see…

  2. Stepen,
    I recieved them in spring last year, and stratified them for just a few weeks, due to the late arrival. I did not scarify them, but just two popped up. I kept the rest during this winter, but nothing else germinated…I actually never scarify crambe maritime seeds as well, but stratification works with these, even after one year. C. tataria seems to be growing in some eastern parts of Hungary and Ukrania, so maybe some botanical garden over there could have them (I didn’t spot them in Vacratot though).
    Intersting about the horseradish, I never heard they produce seeds…

    1. Jean-Chrsitophe tells me that the seed is now germinating. After 4 weeks inside at 20C, two weeks outside at 10-20C did the trick :)

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