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The complete indexed Extreme Salad Man videos

Many thanks to Ane Mari Aakernes (<3) for putting this play list of Youtube videos she and Berit Børte (<3) made of me last year. All these videos have been shown before but if you click on “Show More” under each video you will now see a list of plant time links or index to each film. If you click on the time tag, it takes you straight to the part of the film I’m talking about that plant! Names are given both in Norwegian, English and Latin!!
First up in the play list is the 6 part film series “Stephen’s salad” where we wander around the garden in mid-May 2017 and pick many of the perennials, in prime condition for picking, which end up in an Extreme salad with 211 different ingredients!
The last 3 films, which are similarly tagged to make it easy for you to find a particular plant, are from the 3 hour Around the World in 80 plants talk at the Hurdal Ecovillage in Norway on 29th January 2017 (in English), a year ago on Monday!
In the picture of the production team:
From left to right: Extreme salad ingredients (all 211 of them), Ane Mari AakernesBerit Børte and ESM with the Trondheimsfjord beyond! 


P1730022 P1730017

Høstivalen edible walk and talks

The only picture I took during Saturday’s two edible plant tours of Hurdal Ecovillage, the farm, the rectory garden (Prestegårdshagen) and the CSA scheme (andelsbruk)! This was part of Høstivalen (The Ecovillage’s autumn festival). I was particularly pleased by the fact that the daughter of one of my heroes, Ivar Torp (see page 44 of https://okologisklandbruk.nlr.no/media/ring/3550/2014/%C3%98L%20nr%201_2014%20epostfil.pdf ) joined the tour, although I wasn’t aware of it until afterwards! She has now taken over Ivar’s property!

Norwegian Seed Savers (KVANN) also had a stand at the festival and our new flyer describing our work was given out to interested folk! The flyer (in Norwegian) can be downloaded here: http://www.norwegianseedsavers.no/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/kvann-flyerupdate2-1.pdfP1780621


Planter i Hurdal prestegårdshagen

Her er min bilde-dokumentasjon av plantene i Prestegårdshagen i Hurdal funnet under to besøk i juli 2017 før evt restaurering / nyplanting kommer i gang!
Se også bildene av nøttekråkene, cembrafuru (det er 4 trær i hagen!) og pinjenøtter her: http://www.edimentals.com/blog/?p=12512
Nøttekråkene også spiser og hamstrer hasselnøtter, som var plantet (levende lysthus) og forvillet!

An album of pictures from registering plants in the garden of the Hurdal rectory.

Kerstin’s polyculture gardens!

I was blown away by Kerstin Lye’s garden in the Hurdal Ecovillage….a great example of a naturalistic polycultural mix of perennials and annuals and a great inspiration for the other ecovillagers….Kerstin has clearly worked very hard from the start in developing her garden! Thanks for showing me around!

Hurdal Nordic Permaculture Festival 2013

I’m visiting Hurdal Ecovillage again this weekend, so thought I would post this album of pictures from the Nordic Permaculture Festival held there in August 2013! https://www.facebook.com/events/219614368452015/

More can be found by following these two links:

Around the world in 80 plant video from Hurdal

Presenting the entire 3 hour Around the World in 80 plants talk (in English for the first time), which was live streamed yesterday from Kjøkkenhagen in Hurdal Ecovillage, Norway across the world wide web . Links to the 3 parts, so far only on Facebook here:

Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QiMSyt7qqGE

Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DIlkhwQ-t48

Part 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TBxBwHzygpw

Some 100 vegetable fanatics had found their way to Hurdal for this “sell out” event. A fantastic international crowd of knowledgeable folks of all ages! Thanks specially to Berit Børte who arranged and promoted the event and to Ane Mari Aakernes for filming!! I’ll be back!!
Thanks also to the board of the newly established Norwegian Seed Savers organisation who had a successful steering committee meeting without me in parallel with my talk…you’ll see them at the end of Part 3!

The vegetable crowd!