Edible Tromsø / Spiselig Tromsø

On Tuesday morning (23rd June 2015), I was invited by Ingvill Fossheim to visit the newly started Dyrk Tromsø (CultivateTromsø) community garden (see also http://www.dyrktromso.no). Some 12 families are already involved! As it was close to my hotel, I walked along (documenting edibles such as Hops, Japanese Knotweed and Tromso Palm – Heracleum persicum – on the way) and was met by Berit Steensrup who gave me a quick guided tour! I was amazed by some of the great Edimentals already planted in this garden including Allium victorialis (seiersløk / victory onion) and Korean Angelica/ Rødkvann (Angelica gigas). The source was a great little nursery located 30 km from Tromsø, Skulgam Gartneri, and they were on the market that day, so I went down to have a look (and buy a few herbs!). On the way, Berit showed me a small garden with old traditional ornamentals (including more edimentals like bistort / ormerot!). Follow the link to an album of pictures:

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Perennial vegetables, Edimentals (plants that are edible and ornamental) and other goings on in The Edible Garden